How To Get Avenger, Bull’s Eye and Floater Medal in COD Mobile ?

You can own some exciting medals in COD Mobile just by performing some east tasks. Read this article and know all the details.

COD Mobile New Medals
COD Mobile

Avenger, Bull’s Eye, and Floater Medal in COD Mobile: The Call of Duty Mobile is coming up with great skins and great new seasons. The new updates bring awesome changes into the game. Furthermore, Call Of Duty Mobile is mainly known for its Multiplayer Mode which has too many options.

Moreover, the new featured modes in Multiplayer mode are also coming for a short period of time and the new featured mode will come after the old one is gone.

Recently, the new players don’t know how to get new medals. The medals are one of the most important factors in a player’s profile. So, read this article till the end to know how to get Avenger, Bull’s Eye, and Floater Medals in COD Mobile.

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What are Avenger, Bull’s Eye, and Floater Medal in COD Mobile?

Call Of Duty Mobile is a mobile Battle Royale game. Additionally, the game has goat graphics which makes it one of the best battle royale games right now. Moreover, after the ban of the famous game named Pubg Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile has got a fantastic boost in downloads.

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The medals in COD Mobile are the ones that are won doing a certain task. Furthermore, performing the task gives you a medal. Furthermore, the medals can be won multiple times which shows how skillful the player is. Moreover, the tasks required to get the medals are not so difficult. You can see the mission by tapping on the medal. 

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You can see which medal is already with you and which isn’t. Furthermore, go to your profile and on top, the second last menu will of medal menu. The locked ones will be in dark grey color. Now, click on that, and on the right-hand side, you will see what mission is needed to complete to get the medal.

How to Get Avenger, Bull’s Eye, and Floater Medal?

Avenger: To get this medal, you have to kill the enemy that recently killed your teammate. Killing the enemy who killed your teammate in Multiplayer Mode will give you an Avenger medal.

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Floater Medal in COD Mobile
Avenger Medal

Bull’s Eye: Bull’s Eye can be won using a scorestreak. Use Hunter Killer Drone to get it. Kill 1 enemy with Hunter Killer Drone in Multiplayer Mode to get a Bull’s, Eye Medal.

Floater Medal in COD Mobile Bull's Eye Medal
Bull’s Eye Medal

Floater: Unlike other titles, Floater is a title that can be won in Battle Royale mode. The player has to swim 500 meters to get a Floater medal.

Floater Medal COD Mobile
Floater Medal

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