How to Get CS-Ranked Protection Card and No RP Drop for Free in Free Fire MAX

Get CS-Ranked Protection Card and No RP Drop for Free in Free Fire MAX
25/01/2023/ Get CS-Ranked Protection Card and No RP Drop for Free in Free Fire MAX

To maintain a high level of engagement among the game’s increasing following, Garena has developed a policy of constantly releasing new missions and events in Free Fire MAX. For completing certain tasks, they provide players with a variety of enticing rewards, such as skins and other cosmetic goods.

Such activities keep the game interesting and encourage players to play every day. On January 23, 2023, the new Free Fire MAX 4-Day Task began on the Indian server. Up to January 30, 2023, players can acquire No RP Drop Cards, CS-Ranked Protection Cards, and even Moon Flip emote.

CS-Ranked Protection Card and a No RP Drop Card in Free Fire MAX

The 4-Day Task offers several straightforward activities that include playing a few games, causing damage, and more to keep Free Fire MAX players busy for the ensuing days. Gamers must complete the relevant assignment to be eligible to get the prizes, which are one item each day.

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The specifics of it are as follows:

  • Day 1 – No RP Drop Card
  • Day 2 – Swagger Ownage Weapon Loot Crate
  • Day 3 – CS-Ranked Protection Card
  • Day 4 – Moon Flip emote (7 days)

Once the previous set of tasks has been completed, the missions for that day will become available. You have a few days to kill because the event lasted longer than expected.

Steps to collect No RP Drop Card or CS-Ranked Protection Card

To gather the cards, you can adhere to the directions in the section below:

To access the 4-Day Task and review the mission, open Free Fire MAX and click the symbol in the top-right corner of the screen.

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Play the necessary mode and fulfil the stated target in step two.

Open the event interface, then click the award button to claim your rewards.

Once these have been acquired, the cards will be utilized automatically. You must utilize the trial card for the emote from the battle royale game’s vault at the same time.

What is the use of the No RP Drop Card and CS-Ranked Protection Card?

Following the OB36 upgrade, which became operational in September 2022, the new Rank Protection cards were made available in Free Fire MAX. These are always utilized in ranking games and are only accessible for a brief period.

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The No RP Drop Card stops any rank points from being lost from the upcoming BR-Ranked defeat. In the meanwhile, if players do not have enough protection points, the CS-Ranked Protection Card prevents them from losing a star in a defeat.

While the latter is accessible until March 22, 2023, the former is only accessible until February 3, 2023. Players with a level of Bronze 1 and higher can utilize one of these cards. Additionally, these objectives are not particularly difficult to complete, thus the chance to receive freebies shouldn’t be passed up.

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