Horizon Apex Legends: How to Play, Abilities, and More

27/02/2024 | Discover how Horizon’s abilities in Apex Legends have evolved with the Season 20 update, despite significant nerfs. Master her gravity-based kit for strategic advantage! | Credits: Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the popular battle royale game from Respawn Entertainment, is known for its fast-paced gameplay and diverse selection of unique Legends, each with their own special abilities and playstyles. Horizon, a brilliant scientist who can manipulate gravity to her advantage, was introduced in Season 7 and quickly became a top choice for players looking for a mix of offense and defense. However, in Season 20, Horizon faced some significant nerfs to balance the game, challenging players to rethink their strategies while still making the most of her gravity-manipulating powers. Despite the changes, Horizon remains a force to be reckoned with in Apex Legends, pushing players to adapt and evolve their tactics to stay ahead in the game.

Over the years, Apex Legends, the beloved battle royale game created by Respawn Entertainment, has witnessed numerous game-changing updates. Among the game’s most renowned characters, Horizon has recently experienced substantial nerfs in the Season 20 update. Nevertheless, even with these alterations, Horizon continues to be a dominant presence on the battlefield, as her gravity-manipulating skills provide skilled players with valuable strategic benefits.

Horizon Apex Legends Abilities

Horizon’s kit revolves around gravity manipulation, offering a unique set of abilities that set her apart from other Legends. Here’s a breakdown of her abilities:

  1. Spacewalk (Passive): Horizon’s custom spacesuit grants her increased aerial control, reducing fall impacts and providing smoother movement compared to other Legends. She experiences no fall shock, regardless of the height of her fall, and can seamlessly transition into a slide upon landing by crouching.
  2. Gravity Lift (Tactical): This ability allows Horizon to throw a device that propels players and items upwards in a 30-meter upward spiral. Players can move horizontally within the lift, which remains active for ten seconds. The cooldown begins once the ability ends.
  3. Black Hole (Ultimate): Horizon’s ultimate ability deploys a low-gravity device upon landing, pulling all players within a 10-meter radius toward it.
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Legend Upgrades in Season 20: With the Season 20 update, Horizon gains access to unique Legend Upgrades, enhancing her capabilities further:

  • Level 2 Upgrades: Includes upgrades like “Big Bang,” which allows Horizon to see nearby ordinances through walls and deathboxes, and “Ammuvision,” which enables her to see different types of ammunition in death boxes without accessing them.
  • Level 3 Upgrades: Offers enhancements such as reducing the cooldown of Gravity Lift by five seconds and decreasing the cooldown for Black Hole by 14%.

Using Horizon Apex Legends Effectively

Despite the nerfs, Horizon remains a versatile Legend with offensive and defensive capabilities. Here’s how players can make the most of her abilities:

  1. Leverage Spacewalk: Her passive ability grants her smooth movement, making her ideal for aggressive engagements. Players should practice movement techniques in the firing range to maximize its effectiveness.
  2. Utilize Gravity Lift: Despite its nerfs, Gravity Lift remains a powerful tool for engagement, repositioning, and defense. Players should use it strategically, whether for escaping fights, blocking doorways, or creating opportunities for their team.
  3. Maximize Black Hole: Her ultimate ability can create valuable zoning opportunities. Players should communicate with their team to coordinate grenade usage with Black Hole, effectively controlling enemy movement and creating space on the battlefield.
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In summary, her journey in Apex Legends has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, especially with the Season 20 update setting the stage for a fresh start for this gravity-manipulating Legend. Despite facing some tough adjustments to her abilities, Horizon stands strong as a fierce competitor in the arena, providing gamers with innovative tactics and flexible gameplay options. As players adapt to the new changes and experiment with different strategies to maximize her powers, she will undoubtedly continue to leave her mark on the ever-evolving world of Apex Legends, showcasing that her gravity-defying skills are truly unmatched.

Despite the Season 20 update slightly reducing her strength, she still stands as a formidable presence in Apex Legends. By utilizing her gravity-focused skills and employing strategic tactics, experienced players can excel on the battlefield with her, staying ahead of the game and securing victory.

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