Global Esports Wins Monster Energy Valorant Championship Organized by Villagers Esports

The final of Monster Energy Valorant Championship was played between Global esports and Team Mahi. GE was the crowned champion as they won 3 rounds out of 4.

Villagers Esports Valorant Championship Grand Finals
The final was played between GE and Team Mahi

Villagers Esports Valorant Championship Grand Finals: Global esports continue their winning streak as they defeat Team Mahi in the final of the Monster energy Valorant Championship. Furthermore, The match was a best of five round in which Global Esports managed to seal the deal on the fourth map. Global Esports thrashed Team Mahi by 3-1 and won their 9th tournament of this year.

Villagers Esports Valorant Championship Grand Finals: Global Esports Dominated the Final

Monster Energy Valorant Championship
Monster Energy Valorant Championship

All the four three-round that Global Esports won were dominated by them. GE was on the front seat after winning the first two maps. However, the third match was very much close and Team Mahi managed to grab the win in the end. Moreover, the last map was nowhere in the favour of Team Mahi and Global Esports triumphed an easy win to be the champions.

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Villagers Esports Valorant Championship Grand Finals: Between Global Esports and Team Mahi

1st Map (BIND)

The first match was played on the map Bind. Sk Rossi the very famous player of the GE team secured 20 kills which were the highest in the match followed by Hellranger’s 19 kills. As a result, Global esports won the match by 13-7.

Usually, the map is said to be defender-centric still, GE turned the map in their favour while attacking. Earlier, at half time the score was 6-6 as GE was defending. After switching sides, GE won 7 rounds out of 8 to win the map and take a 1-0 lead.

2nd Map(Split)

Global Esports
Villagers Esports Valorant Championship Grand Finals: Global Esports

Global esports won the map by 13-5 with the help of SK Rossi’s exceptional 28 kills performance. However, his teammates Skillz was the second-best fragger with 19 kills. Recently joined in the Team Mahi lineup, Marzil was the top fragger for them on the map.

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While attacking first GE secured nine rounds out of twelve. As a result, it was tough for TM to make a comeback after switching sides.

3rd Map(Haven)

The first two matches were too easy for Global esports. While looking at the current form, they were supposed to win this map and get crowed as champions. Nevertheless, Team Mahi gave a very good competition until the very end.

The score was 6-6 at halftime, and the head-to-head score remained until 10-10. Then, TM stepped up a bit and won the map by 13-10. IGL of the team Amaterasu secured 22 kills to guide his team towards victory and give a hope of a comeback. Sk Rossi was again top fragger for GE and got 20 kills.

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4th Map(Icebox)

Team Mahi was supposed to make a comeback but Global esports had some other intentions on the last map. While attacking first GE again won 9 rounds out of 12 and dominated the game completely.

However, they won the map by 13-5, and it was Sk Rossi again at the top with 24 kills. Rite 2 ace secured 13 kills for Team Mahi but failed to guide his team towards the victory. So this was all about Villagers Esports Valorant Championship Grand Finals.

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