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How to receive the Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle?

The Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle has been leaked ahead of time and will be coming by the end of July.

Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle
VCT Masters (image via. Valorant)

Valorant is know for their amazing skin lines and weapons, that players can use in games. These weapons have special skins and also special bundles, which come with a lot of different skins for a variety of weapons. With the Valorant Champions coming, Riot Games will be releasing the Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle in the game.

According to leaks, the Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle will have some premium skins and will feature amazing animations. These skins will be a cut above the rest, and will commemorate the end of VCT 2023. Championship skins are highly sought after due to their significance in Valorant history and this bundle is no exception.

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Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle: Everything you need to know

YouTube: Legend Anthony

The skinline has been leaked pretty early with a sneak peak into how the weapons will look like. Generally, there are two weapons for every Champions Series bundles. One is a Gun and the other is a knife skin. If the rumors are to be believed then next skins will be a Vandal and a Karambit knife.

Even though the leak showcased a weapon artwork, we cannot be sure of the actual release yet. The complete skin along with their special effects will only be known upon release. The tentative release date right now is speculated to be 31st July, 2023. After the official release, Riot Games will add it to the Store for players to obtain by the first week of August.

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This will be celebrating the VCT Masters 2023 finals, which will be held from 6th August till 26th August 2023. The price of the skin bundle is currently unknown, but comparing to previous releases, it is safe to assume it will be between 6000-6200 VP. The cost is much higher than normal skins, but that is to be expected for a champions bundle. The Valorant Champions 2023 Bundle will only be available for a limited period of time, so players need to get it fast.

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