How to Change Name or Tag in Valorant?

Valorant doesn't allow their player to change the name or tag in the game. So, How can you change them?

How to Change Name in Valorant
Change Name in Valorant

Valorant is an fps game where 25 rounds are played between two teams consisting of five players each. Each player selects different agents and obviously, they have different names. So, how can you change the name or Tag in Valorant if you want?

In Valorant, a player’s name can be the same but what matters is their tag. There is a hashtag ‘tag’ maximum of five words different for every other player. When you want to send a friend request to anyone, you have to put the tag along with the name to search.

Why Should One Change Names?

It is normal that you start a new game and keep your name whatever you want. Then after few months, you feel that the name is not for me, or in other words you want to change your name.

Many professional players or streamers have to change their names because of changing organizations. When a player shifts from one team to another, He/She has to put the name of the org along with their name. Reasons for changing names can be anything else.

For example, you started the game, now you’re good at the game, and started streaming. Putting the channel name in your game name can help others to find your streaming channel easily as in Megadose Gaming.

How to Change Name in Valorant?

Valorant doesn’t allow their player to change the name or tag in the game. There is a process to change the name or tag. Initially, when you make an ID on Riot, the tag is of four numbers and very few people know that you can change the tag to whatever name or number you want.

Unlike other games, Valorant does not charge anything to change the name. You have to just go to the Riot sign-in page to change the name. Let’s have a look at that

How to Change Name in Valorant
Page

Step-1 The sign-in page looks like this, where one has to log in with the same credentials as the game.

 Change Name or Tag
Riot ID Page

Step-2 After logging in, the next page will look like this where one can change their name editing in the Riot ID column. The tag can also be changed from the tagline section.

Step-3 Click on the “Save Changes” button below.

Make sure, you are changing the name after 30 days of previous changes. Valorant does not allow to change details within 30 days.

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Pritam Priyedarshi
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