Genshin Impact 2.7 Yelan: Best Teams, Weapons, and Artifacts

Genshin Impact Yelan 2.7 Update
Genshin Impact Yelan 2.7 Update

Yelan Genshin Impact: Who has been worried about the build of Rutsuki’s intelligence officer Yelan? Later, it became fun to think about the build myself! And first a word. Tomorrow (at the time of writing this article) the Yelan is coming to the game with Genshin Impact 2.7 Update. 

Today is the 30th, so Yellen’s showtime is tomorrow! Let’s do our best! So far, I will introduce some of the formation parties with Yellen, and concentrate on the elemental charge efficiency of Yellen, the composition of relics, weapons, etc. required for each formation party.

We don’t write much about Yoimiya, Kaoru, Ichigo Arataki, Ayato Kamari, and Albedo because the party organization is not complete and only with the characters that the Lord contains. 

The story is based on the difficulty of 12 layers of spirals, non-convex Yellen, and veteran travelers. If not, it doesn’t matter what the build is (laughs). Well, it is a very long article, so I’m sorry about that, and to make it short I will divide this post into two parts. 

So, make sure to read the 2nd part because half knowledge is dangerous. If you want to make the best build for your latest character in the game then keep reading this blog post. 

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Best Teams and Weapons Recommendation for Yelan in Genshin Impact

Yellen is the same as Yukiaki, but the elemental skill and explosion damage are only referenced by HP. And Yellen’s peculiar gift is, “Damage dealt by one’s character in the team on the field while the element explosion is active + 1%, increases by 3.5% every second. 

Up to 50%.” It has an effect. So from the point of view of the effect, it is a very good effect for attackers who are in the field to some extent. That’s why the formation party may be mostly normal & heavy-hit attackers.

The replacement may eliminate the resistance and water element adhesion in the rain sword of Gyoshu, but let’s put up with it. From now on, it’s a party for Yellen that I came up with.

Raiden National Team for Genshin Impact Yelan

Genshin Impact Yelan

The elemental charge efficiency is the easiest in Genshin, and it is a formation party with a lot of rotation and pursuit support. Since there is General Raiden, the charging efficiency of the required elements of Yellen will be below. 

Furthermore, it will be easier for the relics to be carefully selected. Since there is General Raiden, there is no need for elemental charge efficiency, and all HP% and elemental charge efficiency can be 100%! That is NG.

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You can’t recover energy as comfortably as you have a sword for the festival in the fall. So if you think that you can explore the element without equipping it then you can’t. If you have many leaves or sucrose, you can use them, but I think that you can’t remove Xiangling.

Genshin Impact Weapon Recommendation for Yelan

Genshin Impact Yelan Release Date and Banner Characters Leaked
Genshin Impact Yelan Release Date and Banner Characters Leaked

If you have a weapon of the spiritual system such as Wakamizu. The minimum line is at least 200% (when you activate the elemental explosion properly at any time). The best scenario in this case is: 

  • Hourglass ➡ HP%, cup ➡ water element damage%, crown ➡ critical rate or critical damage with 4 sets of insulation
  • The critical rate and critical damage are 1: 2 or more (60%: 150% is ideal)
  • Even though the hourglass has HP%, the element charge efficiency is 200% or more and the element explosion damage bonus of insulation is 50%.
  • The elemental charge efficiency of Shogun Raiden is 230% or more

If you haven’t cleared the best scenario: 

  • Change the hourglass to element charge efficiency%, HP%, HP, critical rate, if there is critical damage in the sub, it is the best
  • If you don’t have a cup of good water element damage%, HP% is fine.
  • Give a character other than Yellen a weapon of the West Wind and let Yellen absorb the particles.
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Yelan Special Elemental Charge Efficiency Weapons 

New Character Yelan Genshin Impact: In the case of festival bows, westerly hunting bows, and falling haze. Furthermore, it is not necessary to increase the element charge efficiency. Since there is General Raiden, it’s a good idea to equip this with a slightly lower elemental charge efficiency weapon Raku or the rightmost weapon.

Ochikasumi has the effect of increasing damage even for characters that are retract. so I think it is a good weapon for Yelan. However, at a party without Shogun Raiden, the elemental charge efficiency% (30.6%) of Ochikasumi is a little low, so it will be a west wind hunting bow or a festival anyway.

Although it is a composition of relics, it is the same as I said in the place of the criticality system ⇧because it is equipped with a weapon with element charge efficiency, it feels like the hourglass is OK even with HP%, and the criticality rate or criticality damage decreases. It’s dark.

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