Genshin Impact: Dendroculus Locations in Wadi Al-Majuj

Genshin Impact Dendroculus Locations in Wadi Al-Majuj
27/01/2023/ Genshin Impact Dendroculus Locations in Wadi Al-Majuj

Six Dendroculus spots may be found in or close to Wadi Al-Majuj, Desert of Hadramaveth, for Genshin Impact players. Images of each Dendroculus and their locations on the official interactive Teyvat map are included in this guide.

It is important to note that approaching a Dendroculus will indicate it as a white, four-pointed star on your minimap. As a result, travelers should have little trouble finding them all if they have a rough sense of where to look.

Dendroculus Locations in Wadi Al-Majuj

Since the first Dendroculus is located not far from the Statue of the Seven at the Tanit Camps, it is quite simple to find. When you know where to look, it’s quite difficult to miss because it’s perched on a dead tree.

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For this Genshin Impact tour, the remaining Dendroculus sites are actually close to Wadi Al-Majuj. You’ll need to use specific Elemental Skills to get to the one in the picture above because it’s a little bit too high for you to jump to. The simple choice here is Kazuha’s “E,” but any skill that lets you build a Geo Construct that you can climb will do.

Since it’s in the open and not much is blocking one’s view of it, Genshin Impact players shouldn’t have a lot of problem finding it.

Just west of the final location mentioned in the preceding section, in Wadi Al-Majuj, lies this place. The primary distinction in this case is how much lower in elevation the Dendroculus is in contrast. The white four-pointed star on the minimap should guide Genshin Impact players to it because it is perched atop yet another tree limb.

To obtain it, no specific elemental skill is required.

Dendroculus locations in Genshin Impact’s Wadi Al-Majuj

The western Wadi Al-Majuj Teleport Waypoint is a short distance to the north of this site. You can find the object you’re seeking for on a pillar by descending down the cliff into the region depicted above. Make cautious not to unintentionally fall off because there are some Treasure Hoarders around.

Underground are the last two Dendroculus spots in Wadi Al-Majuj. The final entry in this route is close to a cave. Go inside and go through the tunnel to the north. Take the eastern way when the road forks since you will ultimately come to it.

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Use the adjacent four-leafed symbol to guide you as you traverse the unseen blue ground until you arrive at the location depicted in the photo above.

From the previous location, Genshin Impact players may readily observe the last Wadi Al-Majuj Dendroculus close to a huge monument by heading south. You may easily get to the armor by ascending to the top of the pillar adjacent to it.

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