Genshin Impact: Best Teapot Realm Layouts Ranked!

Genshin Impact: Best Teapot Realm Layout Ranked!
Genshin Impact: Best Teapot Realm Layouts Ranked!

Genshin Impact updated its game and made a few changes in Serenitea Pot, which is also known as Siken Courtyard. Additionally, there are a total of 4 Teapot Realms available and you can choose any of them (or each of them). Well, in this blog post you will read about each new Best Teapot Realm Layouts in ranking order. Furthermore, you will also read how to change your Realm Layout or switch between them.

Note: To unlock Teapot Realm you need to reach a specific level of the Scared Sakura Tree. Additionally, each map has its level (i will tell you in the section below).

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Genshin Impact Best Teapot Realm Layouts Ranked!

#04. Silken Courtyard

Silken Courtyard is still in development mode and takes time to release in the Genshin Impact. However, it is one of the hardest to unlock because you need to reach level 40 at the Sacred Sakura Tree.

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Furthermore, in this map you get 4 different regions, however, each of them needs a specific level of Trust Rank. To be specific you will get Kasumi Shoal, Madoromi Island, Sakurazaki Island, and Nodoka Terrace in the Silken Courtyard.

#03. Cool Isle

Cool Isle has the largest interior among all 4 Teapot Realm Layouts. Because it has the Mondstadt Mansion in its Realm (one of the best things in Genshin Impact). Additionally, Monstadt Mansion has a quite big area on the Second Floor of the mansion.

Want a Coastal theme Realm then Cool Isle is for you because here you get Beach, Ocean, and summer. The regions you get in this map are the Pearl Isle, Conch-Court Isle, Mirage Isle, and Letter Isle. Again, you need to reach a good Trust Rank to unlock each of them in the Genshin Impact.

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#02. Emerald Peak

Want to build your Teapot Relm on something like Sky Island? Then Emerald Peak is the Best Teapot Realm Layouts choice for you because here you get floating islands connected. There are 4 different and big islands (or mountains) waiting for you.

Emerald Peak has the most beautiful view from its high ground TEapot Realm Layout. Furthermore, you get four different regions like any other map or Teapot Realm in Genshin Impact. The regions (or different mountains/islands) are Spring Peak, Summerchase Peak, Autumn Gold Peak, and Winter-sweep Peak.

#01. Floating Abode: Best Teapot Realm Layouts

The best Teapot Realm Layout in the Genshin Impact is the Floating Abode. Well, it’s like Emerald Peak – the floating island but it’s more than that. Here you get 4 floating islands with a beautiful view from those islands (because of clouds)

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Furthermore, there is only day or night because it’s quite high from the ground (at the highest peak of the Genshin Impact World. At Floating Abode, you get Liyue Estate with one of the largest interiors in the game. However, the four islands of Flooding Abode are Windchill Isle, Cloudrest Isle, Smoke-Sailing Isle, and Ever-mist Isle.

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