Garena Free Fire New Black Market Event is Set to Return this Week

Free Fire Black Market Event
Free Fire New Black Market Event

Garena Free Fire has disclosed that the in-game Black Market store will come back later this week. The Black Market will start from February 19 and go on till February 25.

The creators said that the store would provide items with “questionable origins”. But they have not yet revealed the details. Also, the developers might offer a Cobra Motorbike in the event

Garena Free Fire Black Market

The upcoming Black Market event will likely be similar to the last such events where players can purchase at heavy discounts. Garena also hosted a Free Fire event called Black Market earlier this year.

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There were three rows arranged for the players, which presented several items. Each row offered a different discount. The players can choose up to three things from any row. The final deal will be the total of all three discounts. Players can only buy a total of 18 items from the Black Market.

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Free Fire: More Project Cobra Events

Garena Free Fire is also hosting two recent lucky draws for players. It comprises Cobra Spin and a new Weapon Royale. The Cobra Spin provides an opportunity to win a Katana with the Legendary Cobra skin. The other prizes are Cobra Sprinter Bundle, Ottero pet, Rainbow Dash skin for the Amphibious Quad, Titanium Gun box, and more.

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One spin will cost 20 in-game diamonds. But gamers can only purchase 10 spins in one go for 180 diamonds. They also have a chance to buy an unusual spin for 40 diamonds. This will triple the possibility of winning the grand prize.

New Weapon Royale is the other draw. Through this, players can earn the AWM- Lucky Koi sniper rifle. This weapon comes with improved armor penetration and provides a greater rate of fire. However, the slower reload speed levels out things.

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