Tips and Tricks in Free Fire

Players require some tips and tricks to make themselves stand out among others. Let us learn some of them which will help you to be a pro player.

Tips and Tricks in Free Fire
Tips and Tricks in Free Fire

Who doesn’t want to be a pro player in Free Fire? Of course, everybody wants to be the one. So, here are some very important tips and tricks in Free Fire to help you play better. If you already have some guidelines with you, your chances to win increase.

Free Fire has over 500 million users. Everyone is a master in playing the game. You also require some tips and tricks to make yourself stand out among those. Let us learn them which will help you to be a pro player.

Tips and Tricks in Free Fire:


  1. Cool Mind Tricks

You can enhance your gameplay by using mind tricks. The position by which you hit your enemy plays a great role. In case, you don’t have any cover always hit your enemy from the left side. You have much space on your right side and enemies attack you from this side only. So, it is best suitable to shoots from your left side.

  1. House Trick

In case of a house trick, always enter the house using a Monster Truck. It helps you get sight of your enemies. You get aware of their positions. After entering the house leave the Monster Truck, hide, and start knocking off your opponents.

  1. Using Small Joystick

Using a small joystick is quite advantageous. A small joystick gives you good movement speed. It also helps you move faster. Initially, you may face problems but practice will help you master the small joystick.

  1. Grenade Tips

Whenever you are aiming to kill your enemy ask your friend to fire. This will distract your enemies. The continuous firing will confuse them. It will for sure make the kill easy for you.

  1. Using Alok

It is perfect to use Alok when the enemy is rushing after you. Alok helps you get good movement speed in rush situations. Alok is less useful when you are about to take a shot. Always try to use Alok in rush situations.

  1. Gloo Wall Button ready

When you are in a fight, keep the gloo Wall button in active mode. If you are getting any shot gloo button wall will give you a good cover. It will act as a shield against the enemies

  1. Damage and take Cover quickly

During solo vs squad mode, always take a cover quickly. During dealing damage and after giving a bullet to your enemy immediately get yourself a cover. The cover will protect you from your enemies and your lifespan in the game increases.

  1. Focus on Sound Information

Always stay alert when you are getting bullets on you. Try to understand the noise of the shot. It will help you know about the weapon of your enemy. If you have a better weapon than your enemy only then try to hit.

  1. Keep a friend to Cover you

During any tournament keep at least one friend to give you a cover. It will help you hide from the shots of your enemies. It also gets easy to kill them when you already have a cover.

10. Unfollow when landing

When you are landing with your friends try to land in different positions on the map. It will help you get the loot. If you all land in the same position the loot becomes difficult.

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