Free Fire Star Event : Valentine Special

Players participating in Valentine Star Event can earn different types of gifts and rewards by spinning the special valentine's star wheel.

Valentine Star Event 2021

Free fire is coming up with an exciting opportunity for all the gamers, allowing them to unlock the features of the title games using the Valentine Star Event. Players would be able to access different types of costumes, weapons, cars, shields, modes, and many more exciting features. Players would be able to earn extra points, hearts (health level), and coins (game currency) in the Free Fire.

Valentine Star Event would be the topmost attractive point for the gamers soon. It is going to start from February 10 and gamers will be able to enjoy it up to February 18. Players participating in Valentine Star Event can earn different types of gifts and rewards by spinning the special valentine’s star wheel.

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This time Garena Free Fire has included many special events for their free fire fans including Valentine Star Event, faded wheel, new incubator. Garena has added one new challenge as well for their free fire fans called Love Flows. This article provides a detailed explanation for the gamers that what they can expect this time.

Garena Free Fire plans for Valentine’s Week

Garena Free Fire Faded Wheel

The current week’s Faded Wheel draw is the Missy Sweetheart pack. The pack includes all pieces of the Missy Sweetheart outfit, this incorporates the cover, shows, jeans, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. The pack additionally works out in a good way for the general Valentine’s Day subject of the week.

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The Love Flows Occasion 

The Love Flows event will be held on Valentine’s Day. During the occasion, Garena will have various difficulties on Free Fire. These difficulties would then be able to be finished to win rewards, for example, Beast Arm outfit, Duo Cards, and the sky is the limit from there.

The difficulties are based on completing matches and playing with the player’s Duo accomplice.

Cold Steel Mode

Yes, it’s coming back to Garena events for valentine’s special. So, be prepared gamers!! For this, players will be using knives to compete against each other. 

How to access the Valentine’s Star Event in the Free Fire 

Follow the steps given below to access the Free Fire Valentine Star Event:

Step-1 Open the lobby of Graena Free Fire and select the ‘Calendar’ icon.

Step-2 Then click on the ‘New’ tab option and tab the ‘Valentine’s Star’ option.

Step-3 Last step is to click on the ‘Go-To’ option and press the ‘Spin’ button.

Apart from all the Garena Free Fire is coming up with many more events. Please visit our website for more updates…

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