Free Fire OB38 Advance Server Mystery Characters, Gameplay and more

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24/12/2022/Players can collect mystery items and rewards from Free Fire OB38 advance server/Credits: Eshwar Gaming YouTube

Free Fire and its MAX edition are anticipated to get the OB38 patch update in the first part of January 2023, however, the Advance Server has already launched on December 23. The final version of the OB38 may or may not include many of the additional enhancements. And modifications of the new Advance Server has delivered.

The character portion of the Free Fire OB38 Advance Server has been updated. Shape Splitter, an astonishing active ability of the new Free Fire/Free Fire MAX mystery character, enables players to produce a 150 HP mannequin that will move on its own for five seconds. To teleport to the dummy’s location, one must utilize the power once again.

After being employed, the mannequin will be destroyed, but the players will be successful in deceiving their adversaries. The effects take 110 seconds to return after being used once. The cooldown will drop to 60 seconds if they increase the ability to its highest level, which is respectable when compared to other characters with active abilities. Players may encounter Kactus, a new and endearing character companion that the devs have included, in the finished product.

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Free Fire OB38 Advance Server

A player’s self-sufficient effect begins when they remain still for eight seconds. At starting point 10 EP is only provided and later on hundred points will increase. However, after that time, Kactus’ effects will be ineffective.

Riptide Rhythm, Skyler’s ability, has been updated by Garena for the OB38 Advance Server. The deployment of each gloo wall raises HP, starting at four points, and his ability can fire a sonic wave that can destroy five gloo walls within a 50-meter radius.

However, the number of gloo walls affected by the sonic wave has gone up from five to six, according to developers. Skyler is now more deadly in Garena Free Fire thanks to the small change.

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After the most recent Advance Server program, some updates and modifications were made to the Battle Royale mode. These are some of the characteristics of Free Fire that one may notice:

  • Every 25 minutes, the loot radar automatically looks for supplies in the area and highlights them on the map.
  • A gloo wall maker that replenishes the gloo wall is automatically delivered at the start of each match thanks to a new gloo wall technology.
  • BR mode new loading page.
  • The BR solo mode’s new Revive feature.
  • Enhanced driving performance in BR mode.
  • In Garena Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode, the creators have added two new features:
    Character buffs in CS mode allow players to improve a character’s skills after selecting a buff at the beginning of a round.
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The final safe zone’s relocation in CS Mode (for a certain distance).
In addition to the previously mentioned additional features, Garena has made the following gameplay modifications to Free Fire:

  • Improved in-game communication features include rapid messaging, a drag-and-drop pin button on select icons.
  • And improvements to the cooperative in-game experience.
    The screen shows more color tags for colleagues.
  • Leaderboard for Weapon Glory.

Two sets of preparation strategies with loadout items, character abilities/combinations, and pet skills are provided (before starting a match). improved the zombie hunt mode. alterations in the Big Head mode. Although some of these changes may not make it into the final version, which is anticipated to be live next month, they are all already active on the OB38’s test server.

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