Getting Free Magenta Football Parachute in Free Fire Max Explanation

Free fire foot ball
06/12/2022/Players can collect free magenta football parachute in Free Fire Max game/Credits: Danish Free Fire YouTube.

The football-themed Football Fable campaign for Free Fire and Free Fire MAX was disclosed by Garena last week, and the material has already begun to be released. Football Royale and Faded Wheel are two brand-new additions to the Luck Royale section. That players can find with Knee Slide emote and Steady Goal Gloo Wall.

Free Fire MAX has welcomed the new Football Squad mode. And it gives free prizes, in addition to the events with paid rewards. A random Loadout Loot Crate and the free Magenta Football Parachute are given. But it was given to the players who complete a set number of matches in it.

The Football Fable campaign is where players can find the Play Football Squad event in the game’s event area. As the name implies, they must finish the following tasks in the most recent mode to receive no-cost rewards.

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Getting Free Magenta Football Parachute

After finishing one Football Squad mode match, you can get one Radom Loadout Loot Crate. Five Football Squad mode matches must be completed to unlock the magenta football parachutes. To complete both tasks and receive the mentioned rewards, one can download the Football Squad mode resource file from the in-game Download Center. Follow the instructions below to access the Play Football Squad event and obtain both items:

Step 1: Open the Free Fire MAX app on your device using the most recent OB37 version.

Step 2: Sign in with the desired account, then press the screen to start the game.

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Before the release of the following update, bind any guest accounts you are using. By doing this, you will be able to protect your in-game progress, which is otherwise susceptible to lose following installation or update. It will also synchronize both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX.

Step 3: Once the game has started, go to the Download Center at the top of the screen. And download the resource file for the Football Squad mode (14.32 MB).

Step 4: Return to the lobby and launch the game modes to select the fresh Football Squad. After the mode has been downloaded.

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Step 5: Play through five games in Football Squad mode, then head back to the lobby.

Step 6: Open the events area by tapping the calendar option. Then select the Football Fable option.

Step 7: To get a Random Loadout Loot Crate and a Magenta Football Parachute, choose the Play Football Squad event under Football Fable and press claim. In Free Fire or Free Fire MAX, you can access both items through your in-game vault along with your other collections.

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