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Rafael Character in Free Fire: All you need to Know

In this article, you will get to know about Rafael character in Free Fire. A highly trained assassin mastered his skill called “Dead Silent”

Rafeal Character
Rafael Character

Why Should You Pick Rafael Character In Free Fire?

A unique character system is one of the best features in Free Fire as each character has special abilities. Not all the characters are similar but Players can use some characters generally in any build. But Rafael Character’s ability is contextual, players need to use a sniper build to get good results.
In this article, you will get to know about Rafael’s character in Free Fire.

Rafael Character skill “Dead Silent”:

Rafael is a highly -trained assassin who has mastered his skill called “Dead Silent”. The opponent can’t see him on the mini-map due to his special ability when shooting for 8s seconds. Rafael’s skill of shooting his weapons on the enemies’ mini-map, keep his location secret till his ability is active. But the player should not activate it too liberally as this ability has a 90-second Cooldown.
So Rafael should use this skill to trap his enemy when he finds a good opportunity.

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Tips and Tricks in using Dead Silent:

Rafael Character
Rafael Character

Instead of providing any state, Dead silent gives you a tactical benefit. Opponents cannot immediately detect the angle you are coming from because of your hidden location on the mini-map. This might take them in the wrong ways and enabling you a successful kill. As a result, you would be able to snipe anyone. Rafael will only be strong if you are using a sniper or semi sniper build.

Carrying a Silencer or Muzzle will help the player to keep their identity hidden on the map because opponents can still guess your location by the sound of the gun. Moco and Laura will be the best to use in combination with Rafael’s Dead Silent.

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