Free Fire Max Penta Flip Event Rewards and How to Collect it?

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16/12/2022/Players can use Penta flip event to collect the rewards/Credits: Jerox Gaming.

The new Skeleton Gentleman collection is being introduced to the game’s Indian server as part of Penta Flip, a brand-new event that is currently active inย Free Fireย MAX. A Gloo Wall, a surfboard skin, a loot box, a parachute skin, and a unique costume are all included in this set.

Gamers will be able to participate in this event from December 15, 2022, until December 21, 2022. This event is a great opportunity for players to increase their cosmetic collection overall. Even though they will need to spend diamonds to get the awards.

Free Fire Max Penta Flip Event

With its numerous permanent awards, the most recent Free Fire Max Penta Flip event is a fun way to expand one’s in-game cosmetic collection. The five permanent prizes in the event’s prize pool are as follows:

  • Deadly Descent
  • Skeleton Gentleman Bundle
  • Raft to the Underworld
  • Offering Gloo Wall Protection
  • Fear of Tombstone Loot Box
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Players may receive rewards such as Gun Crates, Cube Fragments, Vouchers, and more in addition to these five permanent things. Additionally, once an item is collected in this event, it won’t reappear. Boosting the likelihood that the grand prize will be won in the end.

Because of this, buying the full Skeleton Gentleman collection and four additional things will cost you 1271 gems. Given that a similar dress typically costs thousands of diamonds. Without any extra accessories, this is a fantastic deal.


Follow these steps to receive rewards from the recently added Penta Flip event in Free Fire MAX, interested readers:

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Step 1: Open the game’s Events tab and choose the Penta Flip event section’s go-to button to enter the event UI.

Step 2: Click the button to shuffle the whole deck once the event interface has loaded on the screen.

Step 3:To earn the reward, choose one card at random. After selecting a card, a fresh permanent object from the collection will be placed in the pool.

Step 4: To receive the whole themed collection, keep spinning up until the last round.

Once you’ve collected every award from the event, it’ll be over. Therefore, this event should only be used by Free Fire MAX users who have enough diamonds to receive all of the incentives.

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