Must Avoid Characters In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

Must Avoid Characters In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

Free Fire games, however, are extremely popular for their fantastic in-game content, which outweighs unappealing characteristics like graphics, gun mechanics, and game physics. The flexibility of Division 2’s weapons and character abilities provides an apparent tactical advantage over its predecessor, The Division. Some characters are suited to certain play styles and can be advantageous if utilized correctly, while others should be avoided in particular modes.

The Characters to Avoid in Clash Squad Mode The following section will detail the characters that players should avoid in Clash Squad mode.

Characters To Avoid


Notora is a rarely seen character in Counter-Strike since her ability, Racer’s Blessing, only works when players are driving a vehicle. However, Notora’s uselessness is compounded by the fact that vehicles aren’t available in CS mode.

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The next character on the list is Mish. She has a passive skill named Afterburner that allows players to take less damage while in a vehicle and travel at greater speeds, making it more difficult for foes to hit them. However, like Notora, she is useless in Free Fire/FF MAX Clash Squad since there are no vehicles.


Ford’s passive is amazing, but it’s worth pointing out that he doesn’t bring anything else to the table in BR. He doesn’t have any abilities that would aid him in a fight or make him more mobile, so he represents a risk in BR.

In Clash Squad, on the other hand, Ford is out of his element. His passive does not effect on CS damage reduction, and his lack of abilities makes him an easy target. As a result, when selecting a character for CS, it’s preferable to avoid Ford. There are several superior alternatives available that can genuinely contribute to your team’s success.

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Wolfrahh is not the character to use in Clash Squad mode if you’re searching for a way to boost your chances. Because it’s difficult for casual gamers to gain followers, the limb and head protection that Limelight provides is largely irrelevant. As a result, if you want to triumph in Clash Squad mode, you should choose another hero.

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