Free Fire India Championship 2020 : Overall Standings Till Day 3

Garena disclosed it’s Free Fire India Championship 2020 with Paytm First Games as an official sponsor. Only for Indian players, the tournament Free Championship India 2020 is worth INR 500K. It’s the largest free fire tournament to be hosted to date in the country. Garena free fire Championship 2020 Fall has already finished it’s the third day, which had started it’s registrations on 13 August 2020.

Indian Championship 2020: Day Summary and Types of Maps

Free Fire India Championship 2020
There are three types of maps in which the players play: Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari. A total of six rounds are played between two groups.

Indian Championship 2020: Day 1

Six rounds were played by Group A and Group B. Optimum Esports first, competing for the last round with booyah and making 126 points (52 kills) followed by CRX Elite who were too close by making 125points (60 kills).
Here are the overall standings of day 1 Indian Championship 2020:
#1 Optimum Esports           126 points (52 kills)
#2 Team CRX Elite             125 points (60 kills)
#3 UG Empire                     116 points (42 kills)
#4 Total Gaming Esports    114 points (58 kills)
#5 Sixth Sence                    102 points (52 kills)
#6 GZ Army                          90 points (36kills)
#7 4 Unknown                     88 points (40 kills)
#8 Team Lava                      86 points (42 kills)
#9 Incometax                       84 points (24 kills)
#10 Die Another Day          75 points (20 kills)
#11 Route Changer              62 points (34 kills)
#12 Call us Lords                44 points (28 kills)

Indian Championship 2020: Day 2

On day 2 of Free Fire India Championship 2020, six rounds were played between Group C and Group B on three different maps. This time CRX Elite, who was on the second position on day 1 competed with Sixth Sence, both teams scored 152 points with 2 booyah’s got 66 kills, and Sixth Sence finished with the last round booyah to reach 72 kills. Team Old Skool got 124 points with 24 kills and secured the third position.

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Here are the overall standings of day 2 in Free Fire India Championship 2020:

#1 Team CRX Elite.               152 points (33 kills)

#2 Sixth Sence.                      152 points (36 kills)

#3 Team Old Skool.               124 points (24 kills)

#4 Route Changers.               119 points (25 kills)

#5 The Mutantzz.                   111 points (24 kills)

#6 Soar Silently.                      95 points (21 kills)

#7 Team Lava.                         94 points (20 kills)

#8 UG Empire.                         70 points (8 kills)

#9 Team KS                               64 points (17 kills)

#10 United Nepal.                    57 points (9 kills)

#11 Incometax.                         40 points (12 kills)

#12 The Doctors.                       22 points (7 kills)

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Indian Championship 2020: Day 3

The winner, in the end, was Team Old Skool with 102 placement points had 82 kills and 184 total points, who was on number 3 on day 2. There were 4 Unknown who earned second place with a total of 139 points. Team Old Skool gave a tough competition to every team and remained far ahead.
After the third day there was a break for three days after which we will know who will be the ultimate champion of Free Fire India Championship 2020. Stay tuned for more news.

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