Free Fire: Complete Guide on How to Play Chrono Character in Free Fire

A simple guide on how to play Chrono character in Free Fire. Is this newly added Chrono character the best so far? Check out the details below.

Chrono Character in Free Fire

In the month of December, Free Fire had announced their collaboration with Football star Christiano Ronaldo and viewing the excitement of the players about the new collaboration Free Fire is all set to launch the complete season with the theme of ‘Operation Chrono’ to boost up the players’ excitement to the next level.

Since then everyone is excited to find ways on how to play Chrono character in Free Fire. Several events linked to Chrono Event have already started and the ‘Chrono’ character in Free Fire which is based on CR7 will be soon added to the game.

Free Fire is a battle royale mobile game with a large number of users across the world. Free Fire also has a large number of characters each possessed with unique abilities. So, it is very important to learn the working of the characters to keep yourself ahead of everyone during the game-play. Here’s the simple guide on how to play Chrono Character in Free Fire.

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Guide on How to Play Chrono Character (CR7) in Free Fire

Chrono characters are less than those of the characters like DJ Alok and Captain Booyah (K)

Chrono is the newest character added to the pool of characters of Free Fire. Chrono character in Free Fire is considered to be one best characters of the Free Fire to date. The power of Chrono characters in Free Fire is less than those of the characters like DJ Alok and Captain Booyah (K) but it does possess a special kind of kit that will provide the players chance to play the game more cleverly than other players.

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Abilities of Chrono Character:

The ability of Chrono is named as ’Time-Turner’, Free Fire has also provided a description of the Chrono Character which reads as:

“[It] creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies. Movement speed increases by 15%. During the skill activation period, allies in the force field receive a 10% speed bonus. Lasts 10s. 50s cooldown.”

The whole of the above description explains the base level of this skill and the stats of this character are not fixed and will change once the players upgrade this ability. From the above information, it can be inferred that the Chrono character in Free Fire can gain a movement speed boost of 15% and can also block the receiving damage by 600 points. The time limit on the force field is of 10 seconds which means the force field will be active for only 10 seconds at the base level.

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So, this amount of insane boost can convert the tables in dire situations. If luckily your team has a Chrono user and you are struggling to fight on the edge of the play zone, then the Chrono’s abilities come in very handy for you which can be activated to help your team to sustain the damage and the amazing movement speed buff of the character can help you to immediately reposition yourself and it can also facilitate you to then enter the zone at the right moment.

To enjoy the Chrono Character in Free Fire players need to wait till December 19, 2020, for the ‘Obtain Chrono Event’ to get unlocked. There are many ways through which you can obtain the Chrono Character and we recommend you to play this character by yourself to learn how does this character works.

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