How can Free Fire MAX Gamers get a Free Zasil Pet?

How can Free Fire MAX gamers get a free Zasil pet?
How can gamers playing Free Fire MAX get a free Zasil pet?(Image Via Moroesports).

Free Zasil Pet: The Double Trouble series of events is coming to an end, and fans can expect even more rewards, including a free pet,Zasil. Those who have been grinding away at the events will be able to receive plenty of useful items, such as vouchers and crates. So keep an eye out for the final event in the series!

The much-anticipated Free Fire MAX event has arrived! The exclusive Zasil character may now be obtained for free this time around. Simply sign in to the game and participate in the event to obtain him. The Free Fire MAX event also has plenty of other great rewards and activities, so don’t miss out!

If you want to obtain some free Double Trouble Green Crates, there are a few things you can do. To earn two of the crates, play three matches with your friends. Alternatively, to receive the same amount, play for 30 minutes in Free Fire or Free Fire MAX.

Finally, defeating 2000 damage in the game will also give you two Double Trouble Green Crates. Keep in mind that to be eligible for the benefits, you must play these games with your friends.

How to sign-in?

Zasil, a new character, will be available to players soon through special Green Crates that can only be opened during the Double Trouble event in Free Fire MAX. The Green Crates have a chance of giving out other great prizes, not just Zasil.

  • First, open either Free Fire or its MAX variation on the device you’re using.
  • Login to the game with any preferred technique.
  • Open the game mode section and select favorite alternative to complete the missions in the event.
  • To add friends to a team, right-click the Start button and select Invite People. You may use the invite symbol above the Start button to enlist them in the team.
  • Choose “Free Zasil Pet” under the Double Trouble tab to collect all of your earned rewards.

How to Get the Free Zasil Pet Skin:

To receive the free Zasil pet skin, go to the “Zasil Pet and Pet Skin” event page and choose “Get It Now.” Then users will be sent to a unique page where they can enter their email address and other necessary information. After completing the procedure, they will receive an email with a code that may be used to obtain the free Zasil pet skin.

By taking part in the event’s special challenges, users can also get a chance to win other prizes, such as  a free month of premium subscription or a free Zasil pet. For instance, they can receive these rewards just by sharing the event page on social media.

With the Double Trouble series’ third week coming up, fans can expect more obstacles and prizes. To earn said rewards, players have to team-up and finish matches with friends.

The arrival of Tatsuya also means that participants will have extra incentive to join the new events. Garena always manages to bring gamers back for more with its recurrent updates and original content.

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