Free Fire Cheap Diamonds: How to Collect it?

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19/11/2022/Players can collect Free Fire cheap diamonds by using some methods/Credits: Eshwar Gaming YouTube.

The new version OB37 of Free Fire and Free Fire MAX is now available with many improvements and content. This includes Zombie Hunt mode, Arvon’s pet, Trogon’s shotgun, balance tricks, and more. Additionally, character skills now cost less to upgrade thanks to this update. However, the cost of diamonds have not changed and many players still consider them too expensive.

As a result, even after the introduction of OB37, the membership plans offered by Free Fire MAX are still the best and legal way to buy diamonds at a significantly lower price. The reader can read more about Free Fire MAX money contracts in the next section.

Free Fire Cheap Diamonds

Free Fire and its MAX version upgrade service offer various free fire cheap diamond packs at a fixed price. However, they are quite expensive compared to membership plans. You should also avoid buying diamonds through an in-game service unless you want to get free rewards from an extra event.

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After that, after the OB37 update, there are two membership options available in the game:

Weekly Subscription

  •  Price – ₹ 159.00 
  •  Diamonds to be found immediately: 100 diamonds 
  •  Diamonds to be earned on login: You will earn a total of 350 diamonds. 
  •  Membership – Related 
  •  100 Free Gems Bonus with subscription
  •  In addition to the daily login benefits, you can also earn tons of free goodies, a total of  25 diamonds. 

Monthly Subscription Plan 

  •  Price – ₹ 799.00 
  •  Diamonds Instantly Found: 500 Diamonds 
  •  Diamonds Earned On Login: Total 2600 Diamonds per day. 
  •  No subscription is required. 
  •  The monthly membership gives you the same daily access to 2600 gems as the weekly plan. Additional rewards are worth 3550 diamonds.

Steps to Collect Cheap Diamonds

You can buy Garena Free Fire or Free Fire MAX membership pack as follows:

Step 1:  Open the game on your device and log in. If you use a guest account and plan to buy diamonds through membership deals, be sure to link your account to the item. This way you can avoid losing your game progress when the game is updated or uninstalled.

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Step 2: You can see the diamond icon at the top of the screen. Kindly click it.

Step 3: Select “Membership” in the diamond area to view both plans.

Step 4: You have the option to make your weekly plan according to a subscription and enable automatic payment. But for a monthly membership, you have to manually complete the transaction every time you make a purchase.

Step 5: Choose your preferred payment method. You can then start collecting diamonds and other rewards after finishing the event.

Free Fire MAX players can choose between a weekly or monthly membership. The length and benefits of the two are different. Here are the details for both:

Weekly order 

Weekly sells for $159 and offers 50 diamonds, 100 of which are given immediately. Daily entries can accumulate a maximum of 350 diamonds at a time.  You will also get 1x Second Chance, 8x Universal EP Tokens, access to great shop rewards, and a unique icon. In this case, the price of one unit of play money drops to $0.353.

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