Fortnite Tarana Locations: A Complete Guide

Fortnite has a time-consuming challenge that requires players to find all Fortnite Tarana Locations after locating all three artifacts. Read this article containing a complete guide to finding all of the Tarana locations.

Fortnite Tarana Locations
Fortnite Tarana Locations

Fortnite has a challenge that requires players to find all Fortnite Tarana Locations. However, before you step out to get Tarana in Fortnite, you have to locate the three artifacts. Therefore, players have to first find the Artifacts, and then Tarana. The whole task of finding Tarana is time-consuming. But, it will get easy if you follow this article that contains the complete guide to finding all of Tarana locations.

Players can win a lot of XPs by completing such challenges. However, Fortnite is running Season 6 Challenges, right now. This season has a Primal Theme. To support the theme it brings Primal Weapons, Dinosaurs, and many other elements.

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Guide to Finding Fortnite Tarana Locations: All You Need to Know

Tarana in Fortnite
Tarana in Fortnite

So, as mentioned before you have to first collect all the three Artifacts to talk to the Tarana in Fortnite. When you meet her first she will ask you to get the artifacts.

In addition to this, the artifacts are spread all over the map. Subsequently, You can follow the given guide to getting all the artifacts.

  • The First Artifact is present in the western regions of Boney Burbs. Then, you need to search for an old shop here. You can easily trace it as it has a blue hue.
  • The Second Artifact is also in the Boney Burbs. But you have to reach the end of Boney Burbs. Here you will see a Clock Tower. Under the stairs of this tower, you will get the second artifact.
  • The Third Artifact is in the northern parts of Boney Burbs. Moreover, search for an old shop. Go to the ground floor of this shop to get the last artifact.
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Now, as you have all the artifacts you can move forward to get Tarana. You have to search for a house in the Boney Burbs to find her. In addition to this, you can also use a speech bubble on the mini-map to find her location. Enter inside the house. You have to talk to her to complete the quest in Fortnite Account.

In conclusion, this was the complete guide to find all Fortnite Tarana Locations, in Season 6.

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