Fortnite x Invincible Collaboration: Invincible Skins Cause Server Outage

25/11/2023 | Fortnite x Invincible collaboration causes server outage! Limited-time Invincible skins draw overwhelming demand, leaving players in anticipation | Credits: Fortnite

Fortnite has joined forces with the popular comic book series, “Invincible,” bringing skins of Invincible, Atom Eve, and Omni-Man to the Item Shop. The collaboration took a unique approach, using a tweet from Invincible’s official comic book handle instead of the typical action-packed trailer. However, the excitement over the limited-time skins led to a surge in player logins, resulting in Fortnite servers crashing.

The Arrival of Invincible in Fortnite

After much anticipation and a series of announcements, the “FortniteXInvincible” collaboration is now live. Players can acquire the Invincible, Atom Eve, and Omni-Man skins through the in-game Item Shop. The collaboration celebrates the second season of the Invincible comic book series.

Unlike previous collaborations with flashy trailers, this time Epic Games opted for a more passive approach. The official comic book handle of Invincible on Twitter posted a tweet with the caption “THE GUY FROM FORTNITE” against a Fortnite-themed blue background with a yellow tint.

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Server Outage Amid High Demand

The collaboration announcement generated immense excitement, leading players to flood the game servers to obtain the limited-time skins. The surge in player logins resulted in a server outage, leaving many fans frustrated and unable to access the game.

Fortnite acknowledged the overwhelming response in a tweet, confirming the availability of the skins in the Item Shop throughout the weekend. However, this limited-time offer added urgency to players wanting to secure the exclusive skins, contributing to the server overload.

Limited-Time Availability

The Invincible skins are only available for a short period, with the announcement emphasizing their presence in the Item Shop “ALL weekend.” This means that players have until the end of the weekend to purchase the skins before they are removed from the Fortnite Item Shop. The urgency created by the limited availability further intensified the rush, leading to the server crash.

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Fan Reaction and Waiting Game

Fortnite players expressed their excitement and disappointment on social media platforms, sharing their experiences of being unable to access the game due to the server issues. Many fans eagerly awaited the resolution of the server outage to secure their Invincible skins before the limited-time offer expires.

The unexpected server crash highlights the immense popularity of collaborations and exclusive in-game items within the Fortnite community. The combination of a renowned comic book series and the time-limited nature of the skins created a perfect storm of demand, overwhelming the game’s servers.


The FortniteXInvincible collaboration brought the iconic characters from the Invincible series into the Fortnite universe. The unique approach of using a tweet for the announcement, coupled with the limited-time availability of the skins, generated a massive response from players. The server outage, while an unintended consequence, underscores the significance of such collaborations in driving player engagement and excitement within the Fortnite community.

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As fans eagerly await the resolution of the server issues, it remains to be seen how Epic Games will address the challenges posed by the overwhelming demand for the exclusive Invincible skins.

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