Fortnite Glitch of Infinite Loot: How to do that?

Fortnite chapter 3 season 4
15/11/2022/Fortnite Glitch can be used for infinite loot/Credits: Guptesh Gaming YouTube.

On Tuesday, November 8, Epic Games made the Dial-A-Drop item available. A modest update that made a few minor tweaks to the well-known game was published along with the new item. Players can request a supply drop at their location using this item. They can also request a vehicle drop or a drop with medical supplies. Dial-A-Drop is now impacted by a new Fortnite bug, which is unfortunate. In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, loopers get access to endless loot because of this bug.

Players may easily obtain Victory Royales to the latest Fortnite bug. The bug gives players access to endless loot, healing supplies, and vehicles that they may utilize to quickly win games.

Fortnite Glitch

Glitch King, a YouTuber well renowned for sharing Fortnite flaws, popularised the latest bug. Many gamers have used the Fortnite glitch effectively as a result of his video. We anticipate Epic Games to address the issue quickly given how severe it is and how it affects many players’ enjoyment of the game. Since Epic is aware of the new bug, a patch will probably be released quickly.

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This post will describe how to make use of the new bug. Even though this isn’t a bannable crime, we nonetheless advise against doing it because it will make the other players in your lobby less amused.

How to use it?

The Dial-A-Drop item must be obtained before exploiting the new bug. The brand-new item has an Epic (Purple) rarity and is available in a variety of loot locations, such as chests. You should visit places with a lot of chests, such as Chromejam Junction, Cloudy Condos, or Lustrous Lagoon, to improve your chances of discovering the item.

You must utilize the Dial-A-Drop item to take advantage of the new Fortnite bug. Simply choose it from your inventory and click the fire button (by default R2/RT/Left mouse click) to accomplish this. The most desirable item is a supply drop, but you can also choose a vehicle drop or a healing drop if your health is low. The Dial-A-Drop item must be taken out of your inventory as soon as you utilize it for the final stage. You can pick up the object again and use it as many times as you’d like if you act swiftly.

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This phase is quite challenging and takes a lot of practice. Before utilizing this bug in the actual battle royale lobby with other players, you may test it out in the Battle Lab.

Bugs and Glitches

GKI, or Glitch King, who is renowned for studying various bugs and glitches within the game and coming up with inventive ways to exploit specific game mechanics, found the most recent glitch. His XP glitch maps are well known for giving players AFK XP in Creative Mode so they can level up their Battle Passes more quickly.

Due to a recent bug in GKI, players can win a Battle Royale battle extremely quickly and even finish all of the island’s missions without coming across any other players. Additionally, if fully utilized, this bug enables users to acquire a limitless supply of Victory Royales. 

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