New Bride of Frankenstein Accidental Reveal by Fortnite

bride of Frankenstein Fortnite
bride of Frankenstein Fortnite

Bride of Frankenstein Fortnite: In this article, we are going to talk about three fortune tarot cards and what is behind them. However, because of epic games messing up, we now may know what the third fortune tarot card will be going to be. Also, about the encrypted image of the cosmetic as you have already seen by the above image.

Bride of Frankenstein Fortnite Leaks:

This character skin is said to be the universal monster’s bride of Frankenstein. If you have watched the Bride of Frankenstein from 1935 movie. Then you may have seen the realistic version of this skin which is very different from this one.

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Fortnite has stated the explanation for the same on their official Twitter stating:

“After making her debut at “Shortnitemares”, the reimagined Universal Monsters Bride of Frankenstein has arrived to bring some new terror to the Island”.

This tweet was deleted by Fortnite after a few hours.

So basically this means that this is the upcoming redesign of Frankenstein skin. This skin will be coming to the Fortnite Battle Royale item shop soon.

How To Get This Skin?

Today in the item shop we actually got the fallen heroes zombie superhero skins. In the upcoming item shop, we are going to get shadow Midas. And then in the final tarot card as of now, we may be getting the reimagined bride. That will be shown off during short nightmares.

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Also, this is not the first time that epic has accidentally revealed or leaked something through their social media. And probably it would not be the last one too.

It is expected that this skin will be available through an in-game Fortnite item shop. Players will be able to purchase the skin with the help of some V-Bucks in the coming days.

This is amazing skin wearing a black zip jacket and stylish hair having black and white colour combination and having little scratches on the face.

You may consider purchasing it as it will give you an amazing feel while playing with this skin which has a black outfit.

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