Fortnite Chapter 4 Map Leaks 11 New Locations

Fortnite Chapter 4
22/11/2022 | Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 comes with new locations and a new map. | Credits: Reddit

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is simply around the corner. The new season of the famous video recreation is scheduled to be launched on Sunday, December 4, and gamers can’t wait to see what it brings. Considering that Epic Games will launch a new chapter, we count on large modifications to come into the game. As with each different chapter, Fortnite Chapter four will carry a new map, mechanics, and more.

It seems that the upcoming map has already been leaked. Last year, a leak confirmed eleven new areas the builders should add to the game. Considering that these areas are but to be brought in Chapter 3, we count on them to come in subsequent months.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Will Bring a New Map

The new season of the famous video recreation will commence after the “Fracture” stay event, which will take location on Saturday, December three Considering that we will get a new chapter, there is an appropriate danger that the downtime will remain for extra than 12 hours.

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The stay match will probably cease around 4:30 PM Eastern Time and will deliver a new “To Be Continued” screen. Most updates come out at 4:00 AM Eastern Time, however that can also no longer be the case with the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 update. After all, the replacement will convey many new things, so Epic Games can also want greater time to set it up.

Last year, eleven new places had been leaked. For some reason, Epic Games brought these places to the recreation data, which is why greater gamers and leakers believed Epic would use them for a new limited-time recreation mode.

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Here are all the leaked locations:

  • Canoe Shop
  • Dragons Maw Cave
  • Farm
  • Forest Ruins
  • Haunted Hotel
  • Hiking Visitors Center
  • Hydro Power Station
  • Camp
  • Castle
  • Mansion
  • Prison

Despite including these areas in the sports data, Epic Games nevertheless wishes to launch them to stay servers. Due to this, many followers trust the areas will be launched in Fortnite Chapter four Season 1. Considering that the listing above consists of a jail and a mansion, there is a risk that Epic Games will lower some of Chapter 1 named places in the game.

The Fracture Could Bring Old Maps Back

Reddit consumer Working_Anxiety3072 shared an interesting idea of what the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 map should seem like. The participant believes the Fracture will convey returned ancient maps and mix them into one map. As viewed in the publication above, the island’s western facet is taken by using the Chapter 1 map, while the map of the 2nd chapter is positioned in the southern part. The modern map will additionally continue to be in the sport and will be placed in the northeast nook of the new island.

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While this is simply a concept, it appears charming and should be comparable to what Epic Games has planned.

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