Destroy Alien Trees Fortnite: All Locations

What are Alien trees in Fortnite? Where to find the Destroy Alien Trees locations in Fortnite? Find the answers to all these questions here.

Alien Trees Fortnite
Alien Trees Fortnite

Alien Trees Fortnite: Fortnite has some weird challenges for us this week. They have made us provide prepper supplies at Hayseed’s Farm, place cow decoys, etc. Now the Steel farmer wants us to destroy some trees. Not just any trees, but he wants us to destroy Alien trees found across different locations in Fortnite.

What are the Alien Trees in Fortnite?

Destroy Alien Trees Fortnite
Fortnite Alien Trees

Now, a lot of you may be confused as to what these Alien Trees in Fortnite are. Unless you’ve visited the Holly Hatchery you will not have an idea about them. If you have then you can skip directly to the locations of the trees on the map.

Week 6 also has missions to Place Cow Decoys in farms.

The Alien trees come in different variations. Generally, you can find them anywhere near the purple-colored locations on the map. However, it can be difficult to spot them. You don’t need to worry about that either since we will also discuss their exact locations.

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What Exactly is the Challenge About?

The name of the mission is ‘Destroy Alien Trees’ in Fortnite. It is a mission by Steel Farmer. Assigning us for the mission to destroy 5 of such alien trees. This is another Week 6 challenge from Fortnite.

Now, Steel Farmer just wants to cut those Alien Trees. So, he’ll actually reward you with 30,000XP just for clearing 5 of them. Since Farmer Steel hasn’t been a big fan of Aliens themselves he wants you to do the same. Regardless, he’ll reward you amply.

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We could also see this update coming from HYPEX on Holly Hatchery, where the alien trees start growing:

Where Are All the Destroy Alien Trees Locations?

Basically, as we mentioned before, you can find these alien trees almost anywhere on the map at the purple-colored locations. We’ll tell you about 8 of these locations here:

  1. Above Corny Complex, you’ll find a region that is purple. Over here, search trees that are alien-looking.
  2. At the southern corner of Pleasant Park. Here, you’ll find a bunch of alien trees.
  3. To the far south of Pleasant Park, you’ll see another set of these trees.
  4. On the Southwest of Boney Burbs, you’ll see yet another set.
  5. Holly Hedges/Holly Hatchery as the aliens call it now is also another location where you’ll find an abundance of these.
  6. The Aftermath is the easiest and has by far the most alien trees in the whole of Fortnite.
  7. Over the eastern side of Corny Complex, you’ll see these trees peeking on the edges.
  8. At the cliffs of Catty Corner, you’ll manage to find another set of these.
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Check out all the locations of the Fortnite Alien Trees here:

Note: You can also find them in areas besides the purple regions. If you do manage to find them besides these spots do let us know in the comments section.

We hope this brief guide helps you to complete the mission faster. We will also keep you updated with further Fortnite news and challenges.

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