Fornite Champion Series and Competitive: All You Need to Know

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Fortnite competitive in 2020 like every major event in the world had to adapt and improvise itself in accordance with the ongoing global pandemic this year. The tournament this year was held online that included no traveling or gathering.

Epic Games are also planning to standardize the Fortnite Champion Series, and turn them into a Trios event in the future. However, the point distribution and scoring for the Fortnite Champion Series may be adjusted. This means the optimal playstyles and strategies on a multiple tournament basis will be affected.

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With the year 2021 knocking on the doors now, Epic Games has made a new announcement regarding their plans for Fortnite Competitive next year. Gaining experience from this year’s tournament and keeping in mind the concerns related to mass gatherings, Epic Games has decided to continue running Fortnite Competitive as a completely online event in 2021 with no in-person attendance included.

Fornite Champion Series and Competitive: Details

Fortnite competitive in 2020

The Fortnite Champion Series for currently running Chapter 2, Season 5 is scheduled to begin on February 4, 2021. The current season started on December 2, this year and Epic Games commented that this scheduling will give the player enough time to adjust themselves to the newly released season.

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Epic Games also announced that they are planning to organize some other high-level competitive events in competitive Fortnite with the aim of filling the void created by events with no gatherings.

Epic Games have also decided to keep a close eye on the competitive health of Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite. One major factor, for now, that affects Fortnite Competitive is the working of the new Bars System. Currently, the players can collect gold bars which can be carried over across multiple games. But, for competitive Fortnite events, each player will start a game at zero bars and earn them in every new game.

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Epic Games are also intended to make some other adjustments and alterations in the Fortnite Competitive events for which the new ideas will be discussed after collecting useful information and feedback about the current status of Fortnite competitive events.

The new Fortnite season is expected to be more suitable for Fortnite Competitive events as compared to all the previous seasons with new features and better tactics available for the players to use.

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