Exploring the Unique Characteristics of the Sage Color in Valorant

Sage Color Valorant
Sage Color Valorant

Sage Color: The word sage is defined as a profoundly wise person—someone who is venerated for his wisdom, judgment, and experience. And yes, we can relate these things to your Sage in Valorant too. So, coming to the main point how is Sage color different in Valorant?

What is Sage Color and How is She Different?

Sage Color Valorant
Sage is a Sentinal

Sage is an agent in Valorant and comes under the category of Sentinel. Moreover, she has the ability to create a wall, throwing an orb which slows down other characters and heal someone. Additionally, she also has the ability to revive her teammates with the ultimate ability. Furthermore, all these abilities of Sage Color are somewhat near the green.

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Sage is a proper support player for a team and creates safety for her team. Furthermore, our Sage is from China and works properly to slow down the enemy.

Sage’s ability in Valorant is green in color. Sage green is, thus, a color that can express wisdom and, it also communicates peace.

Valorant Gameplay and Skins of Sage

Sage is one of the agents players get unlocked in the initial stages. Furthermore, it is not wrong t say that sage is one of the easiest agents to play. This is the reason beginners go with the sage and learn the game.

Moreover, as the Sage color expresses wisdom and experience, players value the sage and we can say she is a must in every Valorant team. Additionally, almost every team plays a sage with them, no matter how big the stage is. So, even if Sage is easy to learn and is for beginners we cannot underestimate her.

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One of the most famous esports players of Valorant ‘Scream‘ is often found playing with sage color in esports matches. Additionally, there are some more players like Fnatic’s Doma, FunPlus Phoneix’s Shao, and Gambit’s Sheydos.

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