Egg Event in Pokemon Unite: Everything You Need to Know!

Egg Event in Pokemon Unite: Everything You Need to Know!

Egg Event in Pokemon Unite: The Easter season is just a few days to get into action and Pokemon Unite has already come up with new events. Currently, The Egg Event is running in the game along with many new in-game items. One of the biggest questions about this event is about Eggs in Pokemon Unite. 

What is The Egg Event in Pokemon Unite?

Well, in this blog post you will read about the Egg Event in Pokemon Unite and what it contains. If you don’t know then the event is already live in the game and you can obtain free rewards. You can also read our guide on a way to obtain free Wigglytuff Holower in Pokemon Untie.

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Moreover, Ceinderance Holowerar is also available in the game. But to obtain the Conference Holowerar you need 840 Aeos Enverfy in Pokemon Unite. Furthermore, one of the latest pokemon rosters in Azumarill is also Rockin in the game. If you want to get the most out of your Azumarill then you can read our guide on the best build and hold items

Now, let’s get back to the topic of Eggs in Pokemon Unite. Eggs are part of the Easter Season event where players participate, win, and obtain free rewards. If you also want to get your hands on some exclusive, premium, and Free rewards then keep reading our blog. 

How to Get Free Rewards in The Egg Event?

First, the starting date of this event is 8th April 2022. And as you can see at the time of writing this article the event is already live in the game. Furthermore, do not worry if you are late or think that you lost the opportunity to obtain free rewards. You can still obtain many free rewards because the end date of the event is 27th April 2022. 

Below you can read the missions and rewards of the Egg Event: 

  1. The first and most easy mission is to Participate in a ranked match and it will give you 15 Eggs
  2. The second one is to Score a total of five goals and get another 15 Eggs
  3. The next one is to Score a total of 50 points to obtain 15 Eggs
  4. After that, you need to use a UNITE move twice in a single game and it will also grant you 15 Eggs
  5. Last but not least Knockout Draw once and get a massive box of 30 Egg
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So what about obtaining eggs daily (you can easily obtain 50 eggs per day). After obtaining eggs it’s time to claim some exclusive rewards. Use these rewards to exchange with the event you want to get in the game. 

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