Doppelgangers Collection Event Brings Spooky Delights to Apex Legends

Doppelgangers Collection Event
13/10/2023 | Apex Legends Season 18 concludes with the spine-chilling Doppelgangers Collection Event, offering thrilling cosmetics and a unique LTM. | Credits: Apex Legends

As Apex Legends Season 18 approaches its conclusion, Respawn Entertainment is ready to usher in the Halloween season with a bang, introducing the Doppelgangers Collection Event. The event boasts an array of eerie cosmetics, a thrilling limited-time mode, a unique survival item, and a prestige skin for the notorious legend, Revenant.

Doppelgangers Collection Event: A Spooky Twist on Apex Gameplay

In place of the customary Shadow Royale LTM, the Doppelgangers Collection Event unveils a new holiday-themed mode, “Trick ‘N Treat Trios.” Players will find themselves on “After Dark” maps, giving a chilling makeover to familiar locales. The mode’s objective is straightforward: players must knock enemies, open Supply Bins, and break down doors to collect candy. Consuming candy yields valuable treats such as EVO Shield damage points, increased Ultimate Ability charge, and a 25-hitpoint boost to damaged EVO Shields.

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A Bewitching New Survival Item: Copycat Kit

With every treat, a trick awaits. Enter the Copycat Kit, a limited-time Survival Item that adds an extra legend ability to your arsenal. You can deploy this stolen ability throughout the match, subject to standard cooldowns. However, the exact scope of available abilities remains a mystery, raising anticipation for potential in-game chaos.

Revenant’s Apex Nightmare Prestige Skin in Doppelgangers Collection Event

Given the focus on Revenant throughout Season 18, it’s fitting that the season’s closing Collection Event revolves around him. To unlock the Prestige skin “Apex Nightmare,” players must collect all 24 cosmetics from the Doppelgangers Collection Event. Crafting Metals, Apex Coins, or Doppelganger Event Packs (available for $7 each) offer different pathways to acquiring these items. The latter method presents a more cost-effective option for securing the skin, assuming the absence of excessive Crafting Metals.

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Revenant’s Prestige Set also includes a unique finisher, showcasing him impaling his foes with spectral appendages before consuming them entirely. Each Prestige Set encompasses three items, but details about the third item in Revenant’s set are yet to be revealed.

Doppelgangers Collection Event Free Reward Track and Event Duration

For players reluctant to spend real money, the Doppelgangers Collection Event incorporates a free reward track. This track provides an assortment of cosmetic skins, Crafting Metals, and a music pack to elevate the Halloween celebration.

The Doppelgangers Collection Event commences on October 17 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, offering a spooky experience for Apex Legends players. Get ready to immerse yourself in this frightful festivity and gather the coveted items before the event concludes on October 31 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

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