Counter Strike Chrome: How to play it on your Web Browser?

Counter Strike Chrome refers to the web browser version of the game and here is an overview on it.

Counter Strike Chrome
CS 1.6 (image via. Pcgamer.com)

Counter Strike’s popularity has not diminished one bit since its release. With new players getting into it, and new tournaments being held, its popularity is only increasing. Now you can enjoy Counter Strike chrome on your web browser, so you need not think about any hardware requirements.

Counter Strike’s premise is incredibly simple. You either fall on the Terrorist side or the Operative side. If you get the terrorist, your job is to plant and detonate the job or get rid of the officers. And the same applies vice versa if you fall on the other side, but you need to dismantle the bomb.

Counter Strike Chrome: Is the browser version Safe to play?

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The browser version of this influential game features the release version of Counter Strike 1.6. Many people are fans of this version and argue that this was when the game was at its peak. this version has naturally attracted many players to the browser version.

However, a full assessment is necessary in order to be safe. The browser Counter Strike is not a direct product of Valve, the parent company. It is made by some Russian developers, and does not seem to have any direct ties to Valve. Although this can cause numerous problems, there are no signs of any for now. If you are wondering about malware, the site does seem to be relatively safe. Counter Strike Chrome appears to be clean, and can be enjoyed without any issue.

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Apart from the issues, players will find a ton of content in the browser version. You can find servers across a variety of countries, and a ton of game modes to enjoy. Fan favorites like Hostage Rescue, Bomb/Defuse, and Gun Game, are all available in this version.

The Browser version is called Play-CS. com and houses a variety of servers, game modes, and also private servers. You can simply visit the website and jump into any server to play. Selecting the types of game mode before you select server, will filter out your options. There are already some private servers being hosted by players across the world, and you can join after looking at its stats including player number, ping, and game mode.

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Moreover, you can also host servers yourself to arrange matches and tournaments with relative ease. The browser version make it very easy on your hardware as well, as you can simply get on the web and start playing.

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