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As the pandemic COVID-19 is spreading in the world, sports have taken a back seat, as it is in other sectors/industries too. Esports is a specific segment that has the potential to flourish now when almost anything in athletic activity has to bear the brunt.

Just a handful of the top 7 most underrated Indian PC gamers stand above the remainder when it comes to Indian Esports. But still, in our country, they are quite underrated as compared to other countries’ gamers.

There is a thriving Indian sports scene. The horizon of the environment is moved miles ahead of any passing incident. There are nice plays for larger prize pools. Fascinating players come with impressive moves.

The talents of the Indian scene have never looked better, and the countryside never looked fine. It’s time we understood the enormous potential of our future stars and paid due tribute to them.

List of Top 7 Most Underrated PC Gamers in India

  • Saransh Jain – FIFA
(Saransh Jain)

Saransh began with a local tournament in Pune, which he won mainly and decided to become a professional. Saransh never knew if he should go professionally. It wasn’t an easy journey for Saransh and there were few problems that could have been prevented in his story that otherwise was great. Saransh Jain, who has achieved mammoth success in the game throughout his short career. Saransh is 18 years old one of the most underrated Indian PC gamers from Pune, and for two years and a half, he played professionally. When he came to a local competition, his interest in FIFA began and he won it.

Because of pure chance, Saransh found his calling. His first professional brush was in the form of a local tournament in Pune, in which he took part solely to obtain an experience.

When we talk of gaming overstudies, one has to divide his time equally, he says.

  • Ankit “V3nom” Panth – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
(Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth)

Playing for Team Brutality, Ankit “V3nom” Panth is a popular Indian streamer. Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth has long influenced the play community as well as the face of Team Violence but his Esports journey has only just started, considering his extensive expertise.

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The excitement he witnessed when gamblers played Counter-Strike 1.6 and the excitement in the play were what persuaded him to concentrate on the game, and V3nom began games at Kandivali café, a suburb of Mumbai city, India.

After a while in Counter-Strike, he realized that by playing it he can represent India and he decided to make CS playing his main work.

Since starting to play Counter-Strike professionally, he has formed many gaming teams. The first team that he established at the age of only 15 was the Warriors Of Chaos (WOC) amateur team.

WOC was his first time gaming and in 2006 he also founded the semi-professional Made in Mumbai (MiM) team. He was able to gain money in his job.

V3nom met Aakash ‘RiX’ More – a well-known player who played in Team Wolf – while still a member of the WOC while playing in a cafe. RiX gave V3nom the chance to replace his squad, who were at the time in India among the top three.

In 2008, V3nom and RiX began their first major Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament in Violence and earned their first major V3nom victory.

A few years ago, V3nom jumped into Counter-Strike: the Global Offensive and won a variety of tournaments. With his achievements, V3nom comes in the list of MoroEsports’ top 7 most underrated Indian PC gamers.

His journey was inspirational for many of India’s young players, as he has successfully transformed their gaming passion into a career, being one of the few sports athletes from India. Ankit Panth is one of the most famous professional counter-strike gamers in India.

  • Simar “Psy” Sethi – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
(Simar Sethi)

Simar Sethi knows for his streaming antics, which make for great fun. The 21-year-old ESport player Simar Sethi aka Psy in Delhi represented India internationally in 2019 and has become one of the leading eSports figures in the world. The player is called Psy, which is the short form of psychedelic, and also the name of Samar.

“Back in 2012, when my family and my friends moved to Bombay, my friends were all hyped by the CS: Global Offensive (CS: GO) game which got me hooked into the game. A few days later, my friend bought me a CSGO Steam copy which got me hooked, after giving me some time to do so.” The 20-year-old hasn’t come back since then, who is now one of the elite players in India. Then Simar began to pursue the Indian home scene by saying, “I ought to! I ought to do it! I can do it!”

  • Krish “MooN” Gupta – Dota 2
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(Krish “MooN” Gupta)

Few have such an excellent story as Krish. When he was 8, he started to play Dota 1, and while many changes took place in his life, his commitment to the game remained constant. He spent a good year in the solo classification of Warrior Life, and soon became conscious that at the tender age of 13, he had a fascinating 4 K MMR! He has now broken into the 7k SEA bracket and is the star player for the active Entity Gaming team, all of them 16! His Playstyle is Farm-oriented, aggressive, and mid-game. Krish’s favorite Dota Heroes are Morphling, Juggernaut, and Sven. 

Big things are likely to happen when you indulge in something from a very young age. Krish’s storey began at 8 and began to play DOTA 1. He was committed to it, gaining an MMR (Saison Ranking) of 4k as he turned 13. At the age of 16, he’s 7k away and plays with the successful Entity Gaming team.

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  • Aditya “Spammy” Singh Nathawat – Fortnite

Something started for Aditya when he saw friends play Counter-Strike in a nearby café. It just took a look at the game the brought him down the road to sports. There was no turnaround. In every game, he played Spammy had a drive to always do better. Anything for him means having a taste for victory and rising on his lever, be it World of Warcraft or Fortnite (which he now plays professionally). He says,

“I want to broaden my YouTube channels and train hard to the upcoming World Cup.” Aditya was motivated by the game to get ESport to Counter-Strike on the way to local cafes. I want you to learn and do something new.

  • Aman “Cruzi” Vivek – Overwatch
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(Aman “Cruzi” Vivek – Overwatch)

At the age of four, Cruzi began to play with an Atari and an N64. At the age of 4, Aman began playing video games. When he set up Atari and N64, he spent hours on a wooden stool with a friend dallying with Smash Bros.

‘’My first purpose was to make my best efforts to see if things are moving forward. I was contacted to play the Hyderabad Tournament for Playerz eSports. We won the tournament, one leading to another and now I’m one of India’s top players!’’

A lot of important things can be gleaned in India from the top players. Many of them began to play video games with a passion and turned it into a career. Some are committed to other interests but find time for their favourite games to compete. All have worked and sacrificed hard to achieve their position. Though international figures such as Faker, Destiny, Fatal1ty, Soon and many others have reached a degree of fame, India’s leading players are no less driving and optimistic.

  • Amit “Zapheto” Malwal – Dota 2
(Amit “Zapheto” Malwal – Dota 2)

Amit started playing video games with Tomb Raider at the age of 5. When he was introduced to Dota 2 at the age of 13, he developed a passion for playing. The A-star gamer chose to play his favorite game Dota 2  and made into the list of the top 7 most underrated Indian PC gamers. Zapheto is playing Entity Gaming in place 4 at the moment. ‘’I’m glad I got to a point where I can trustingly tell I’m on the right road, “he states.

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