Riot Games Delays Valorant Patch 7.05 Competitive Updates Promised

Valorant Patch 7.05
12/09/2023 | Riot Games’ decision to delay the promised competitive updates in Valorant Patch 7.05 has left players waiting for a solution to the smurfing and botting issues. | Credits: Valorant

In a surprising turn of events, Riot Games has delayed the implementation of crucial competitive updates promised in Valorant Patch 7.05. The patch, initially scheduled for September 6, 2023, was expected to address the growing issues of smurfing and botting that have plagued the game. However, players were left disappointed when the much-anticipated changes did not make it into the patch.

The promised update was designed to block Ascendant players from queuing with players below Platinum One, a move aimed at improving the overall ranked experience and curbing the prevalence of Smurf accounts. Smurfing, where experienced players create lower-ranked accounts to dominate less-skilled opponents, has been a persistent problem in VALORANT, leading to frustrating matches for newcomers and legitimate lower-ranked players.

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Smurfing and Botting Problems in Valorant Patch 7.05

Many players had high hopes for the update, believing it would deter smurfs and discourage botting. However, Riot Games quietly removed these competitive changes from the official Valorant Patch 7.05 patch notes, leaving players confused and frustrated.

The unexpected delay in implementing these vital changes has raised questions about Riot Games’ commitment to improving the competitive integrity of VALORANT. It also underscores the challenges of dealing with smurfing and botting, which can significantly impact the overall experience for players of all skill levels.

While the competitive restrictions were tested on the PBE (Public Beta Environment) in Patch 7.05, Riot Games decided to postpone their inclusion until Patch 7.06. This last-minute change has left players uncertain about when these much-needed updates will finally be introduced.

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Looking Ahead to Valorant Patch 7.05

Patch 7.06 is expected to focus primarily on refining competitive parties and further addressing the Smurf and bot problems. Riot Games has stated that it will closely monitor accounts suspected of botting and take action against them. This delay may indicate that Riot is actively working to implement more robust screening processes to protect the competitive integrity of VALORANT.

While the delay is disappointing for players eager to see improvements in the competitive scene, many believe that it will be worthwhile if it leads to a more secure and enjoyable gaming environment. Riot Games has a track record of taking player feedback seriously, and this delay may be an indication of their commitment to addressing the ongoing challenges in VALORANT.

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In conclusion, Riot Games’ decision to delay the promised competitive updates in Patch 7.05 has left players waiting for a solution to the smurfing and botting issues in VALORANT. The delay may be frustrating, but it also reflects Riot’s determination to implement effective measures to ensure a fair and enjoyable competitive experience for all players. The community will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Patch 7.06 and the improvements it brings to the game.

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