COD Mobile Garena Masters Season 4: Format, Schedule, Prize pool, and More

COD Mobile Garena Masters Season 4
21/01/2023/ COD Mobile Garena Masters Season 4 / Credits – Garenacodm

The COD Mobile Masters Season 4 will begin on February 3 with a $26,500 prize pool, according to a January 20 announcement from Garena. The competition will feature teams from South East Asia will be divided into three phases: qualifying, group stage, and playoffs. The event’s registration period opened on January 20 and will end on January 31.

After three days of action in the Qualifiers, 13 teams will move on to the Group Stage, where they will compete against three invited teams. In the second round, which lasts for four weeks, these 16 parties will be divided into four groups of four teams each. The Playoffs, which will be held on March 18, 19, 25, and 26, will include the top eight teams (the top two from each group).

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COD Mobile Garena Masters Season 4

The $26,500 grand prize contains a total of 360,00 CP according to the publisher of COD Mobile, Garena. The competition’s winners will get $10,000, while the teams who placed second, third, and fourth will receive $4,500, $3,000, and $1,500, respectively. The eight teams who finish worst and are eliminated in the group stage will get some CP (COD Points).

  • 1st Place – $10,000
  • 2nd Place – $4,500
  • 3rd Place – $3,000
  • 4th Place – $1500
  • 5th Place – $750
  • 6th Place – $750
  • 7th Place – $750
  • 8th Place – $750
  • 9th Place – 60,000 CP
  • 10th Place – 60,000 CP
  • 11th Place – 60,000 CP
  • 12th Place – 60,000 CP
  • 13th Place – 30,000 CP
  • 14th Place – 30,000 CP
  • 15th Place – 30,000 CP
  • 16th Place – 30,000 CP
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Three maps will be played in each game during the Garena Masters Group Stage’s double-round-robin format. The Playoffs, with the exception of the Grand Finals, will be Best of Five (Bo5).

The first season of the Garena Masters had a $25K prize pool and ran from February 11 to March 13, 2022. The winning team was Blacklist Ultimate from the Philippines, and the runner-up was the Indonesian team ALMGHTY.

Omega Esports won the second edition, which happened in May 2022. ALMGHTY and Blacklist Ultimate placed second and third, respectively. In the third season, Omega, Blacklist, and ALMGHTY once again took the top three rankings.The prize money for each of the first three COD Mobile Garena Masters seasons was $25,000.

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