Cloud9 and KRÜ Esports Suffer Defeats, Sentinels Advance to VCT Americas Play-Ins

26/02/2024 | In the latest Valorant Champions Tour matches, Cloud9 and KRÜ Esports fall to MIBR and G2 Esports, while Sentinels secure victory. | Credits: Valorant

The Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) is showcasing thrilling gameplay and fierce competition during the Americas Kickoff. Cloud9 and KRÜ Esports suffered defeats against MIBR and G2 Esports in intense matches. On the other hand, Sentinels displayed their strength with a convincing win over Leviatán, securing a spot in the play-ins stage. Every match holds immense importance for the teams as they aim to secure spots in the later stages of the tournament, raising the stakes even higher.

As the action unfolded, MIBR showcased their resilience and strategic prowess in a rematch against Cloud9, avenging their earlier defeat and securing a spot in the play-ins stage. Despite Cloud9’s valiant efforts, MIBR’s tactical adjustments and stellar performances propelled them to victory, while Cloud9 faced disappointment with their elimination from the Americas Kickoff. Similarly, G2 Esports demonstrated their competitive prowess by prevailing over KRÜ Esports in a closely contested rematch, securing their advancement to the play-ins stage and showcasing their determination to succeed in the tournament. With each match delivering thrilling gameplay and unexpected twists, the Americas Kickoff continues to captivate audiences and showcase the best of Valorant esports talent.

In the most recent thrilling clashes during the Americas Kickoff of Valorant Champions Tour (VCT), Cloud9 and KRÜ Esports experienced challenging defeats against MIBR and G2 Esports, respectively. Meanwhile, Sentinels emerged triumphant over Leviatán, securing their place on the play-ins stage. Now, let’s dive into the intricacies of these matchups and explore the impact they hold on the teams involved.

MIBR Triumphs Over Cloud9

The clash between MIBR and Cloud9 was a rematch from their first meeting in Group A, where Cloud9 narrowly clinched a 2-1 win over MIBR. The series kicked off on Bind, echoing their previous showdown. Despite Cloud9 jumping to an early lead with four straight rounds on defense, MIBR mounted a remarkable comeback. Fueled by standout performances from their star players, the Brazilians orchestrated an impressive seven-round streak, completely shifting the momentum in their favor.

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Cloud9 made a valiant effort to stage a comeback, implementing clever tactics and bold moves, with a special focus on leveraging OXY’s Yoru teleports to outsmart the MIBR defense. Despite their best efforts, MIBR stood firm, forcing the series into overtime. In the tense overtime rounds, MIBR stayed calm under pressure and secured important wins, ultimately sealing the map and moving one step closer to the play-ins stage.

As MIBR moved to their chosen map, the momentum continued to be on the side of the Brazilian team. Even though Cloud9’s Xeppaa had a solid beginning on defense, MIBR’s well-coordinated offensives, led by RgLMeister and jzz, were just too strong for Cloud9 to handle. Despite Cloud9’s brave attempts, MIBR’s unconventional lineup presented difficulties for the North American team, resulting in MIBR progressing to the play-ins stage.

Cloud9’s journey in the Americas Kickoff has come to an end with this defeat, as they bid farewell after facing setbacks against NRG Esports and MIBR. This outcome truly emphasizes the intense competition that unfolded throughout the tournament.

Sentinels Secure Victory Over Leviatán

Sentinels faced off against Leviatán in a crucial showdown to secure a spot in the play-ins stage. With their eyes set on Masters Madrid, Sentinels strategically chose to kick off the series on Split, a map where Leviatán had faced difficulties in the past. This calculated move proved to be a game-changer for Sentinels, as they took a commanding 9-3 lead in the first half, displaying exceptional retake tactics and individual skill.

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Leviatán tried their best, with kiNgg and aspas showcasing their exceptional skills, but Sentinels still reigned supreme with a convincing 13-3 win on Split. Zekken stood out as the star player for Sentinels, leading them to victory with outstanding gameplay.

The series shifted to Breeze, Leviatán’s chosen map, as they aimed to make a comeback. Leviatán took the lead with a strong 9-3 score in the first half. Despite this, Sentinels came back fiercely in the second half, turning the tables with a remarkable 13-9 win on Bind. This victory secured their spot in the play-ins stage, ending the series in their favor.

Despite the valiant efforts of Leviatán, spearheaded by kiNgg and aspas, the Sentinels’ exceptional teamwork and strategic brilliance proved insurmountable. This showcased their unwavering resilience and unwavering determination to secure a well-deserved triumph.

G2 Prevails Over KRÜ Esports

In the last game of the day, G2 Esports went head-to-head against KRÜ Esports in a highly anticipated rematch from their previous clash in the Group C decider. G2 started the series with an impressive display on KRÜ’s chosen map, securing a commanding 13-8 triumph on Bind. Despite KRÜ’s valiant efforts, especially from Shyy in a challenging 1v2 situation, G2’s exceptional use of utilities and outstanding individual performances propelled them to a well-deserved victory.

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As the sun began to set, G2 found themselves up against a formidable opponent in KRÜ. With their unwavering resilience and impressive skills, KRÜ managed to take a 7-5 lead in the first half. However, G2 refused to back down and came back stronger in the second half. With exceptional teamwork and strategic brilliance, they secured a resounding 13-8 victory, ultimately clinching the series.

G2’s triumph has secured their place in the play-ins stage, proving their strength and unwavering resolve in conquering the tough challenge posed by KRÜ Esports.


The recent matchups in the Americas Kickoff of Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) have truly been a spectacle of intense competition and high stakes. Despite Cloud9 and KRÜ Esports facing defeats against MIBR and G2 Esports, Sentinels have emerged as a dominant force, triumphing over Leviatán and confidently advancing to the play-ins stage. G2 Esports also showcased their resilience by defeating KRÜ Esports, securing their spot in the play-ins stage, and setting the stage for more thrilling battles ahead. As the tournament progresses, teams will continue to showcase their strategic prowess and individual talent in pursuit of glory in the Valorant esports scene.

The Americas Kickoff of VCT delivered an electrifying display of fierce competition and exhilarating triumphs. Although Cloud9 and KRÜ Esports were left disheartened by their losses, Sentinels and G2 Esports emerged as the victorious contenders, solidifying their positions in the play-ins stage. With the tournament unfolding, the remaining teams are determined to chase success and secure their spots in the forthcoming stages of this thrilling competition.

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