Claim Prime Gaming Reward For Valorant: Wayfinder Shorty

Prime Gaming Reward Valorant
Riot Collab with Amazon Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming Reward Valorant: Riot has revealed the reward for the month of January exclusively for Prime users. Furthermore, players can claim the reward for free and add the weapon skin to their collection.

According to famous leaker Mike, this is the first reward of many more upcoming rewards, which will consist of player cards, sprays and Gun buddies.

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Prime Gaming Reward For Valorant: All You Need To Know

Prime Gaming Reward Valorant

To add more skins to their collection, players can simply join the Valorant streams on Prime gaming and claim their rewards from loot.

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Some of the rewards are gun buddy in Valorant. Moreover, Buddy is an ornament-like structure that is used on the guns just to look good. Also, depending on the time watched, players can get these structures for time-limited or for permanent. (Ambien)

Furthermore, there are two types of gun skins in Valorant. One is a simple one, with a new look and some new colors on it. The second one is premium skins which have a unique crosshair, unique sound, very different kill animation, and many more. Moreover, players can get these types of skins by Valorant points, and twitch prime provides simple gun skins and loot.

However, this is for the players, who don’t have a Prime account. Players, who own one, can simply claim it from their Inventory section. Follow these steps to claim the Prime gaming reward in Valorant:

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Step-1: Login to Twitch

Step-2: Go to the connection page in settings and select Riot ID. Make sure you are linking the ID that you use to play regularly.

Step-3: Click on Connect button and then press Authorize.

Now, both of you’re accounts are linked and you’ll receive free prime loots in Valorant. But what kind of skins you will receive or what are the different things you have to do, in order to get these free skins in Valorant.

Make sure to link your Valorant account with Prime Gaming, in order to claim all the upcoming rewards in the future.

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