BGMI Server Maintenance: Bgmi Unban?

BGMI Server Maintenance
05/12/2022/ BGMI Server Maintenance

BGMI just released an in-game notice (we will be performing scheduled maintenance for our game servers at 12:00 – 12:30 IST (30 mins).  So there will be changes in BGMI, they have not been updated in a long time, and there may be any new updates in BGMI nothing is clear in the official announcement hoping for positive news.

New Update In BGMI?

After BGMI was removed from the AppStore and Play Store, user numbers dropped dramatically, and Krafton was unable to intervene because the game was suspended in India. The majority of Indian users are interested in Esports, and with the game suspended, no tournaments were held at the time.

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Furthermore, there has been no update in a long time, thus players are currently bored, and many users have stopped playing BGMI. YouTube creators are also not streaming this because it has been suspended, therefore game promotion is presently non-existent, and people are shifting to other games. Still, there’s a potential that Krafton may release in-game updates, allowing gamers to upgrade their games via in-game downloads.

When BGMI Will Unban In India

The largest audience and Esports market in India are BGMI, and the whole gaming community audience is anticipating this. This game brings people together, and it stirs up emotions in them. The largest audience market is in India, and Krafton is aware that they are working hard to have the game unbanned as quickly as possible. Since there is currently no Indian team competing in PMGC, viewership is quite low. Krafton is working hard to remedy this as soon as possible. Though there has been no confirmation, we may anticipate that the game will return to India by the end of January 2023.

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How To Download BGMI APK

You can still download the game via third-party websites because it is now suspended in India and has been taken down from the AppStore and Play Store. You may get the game from here by simply downloading, installing, and playing it. To find these sites, just search on your browser for names like Tap Tap and Aptoide.