Skyesports Champions Series 2023’s Record Breaking Viewership revives BGMI’s future Esports Scene

The Skyesports Champions Series 2023 had record breaking viewership numbers capping out at 131,000 CCV!

Blind Esports in Skyesports Champions Series 2023
Blind Esports (image via. Skyesports)

Skyesports Champions Series 2023 was the biggest BGMI tournament in India after its recent unban, and it concluded with amazing viewership numbers. The tournament is a testament to both the growing Indian scene and the return of BGMI esports in India.

The TECNO SCS ended with a total viewership of 30 million across YouTube and Loco, their streaming partner. It also had a peak concurrent viewership (CCV) of 131,000, which is a record breaking performance by a BGMI tournament in India. The Grand Finals were a treat to watch as the 16 teams battled it out for the throne.

Blind Esports takes the Crown in Record Breaking Skyesports Champions Series 2023

YouTube: Skyesports

Blind Esports had dominated the game since Day 1 of Grand Finals of Skyesports Champions Series and their performance was nothing short of spectacular. Rudra “SPower”, had a standout performance and was also crowned the MVP title. In a message to his fans, SPower said,

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“I am very happy with this team. We will continue to give our best, all five of us will. We will of course try our best to win upcoming tournaments. Even in this event, we did a lot of mistakes and despite that were able to have a lead maintained. To our fans, keep believing in Blind.”

Blind Esports has taken home a total prize of INR 12,00,000 and SPower has taken an additional INR 50,000 as the MVP.

Team Soul came in second place, after a miraculous recovery in the Semi Finals. Their team performed consistently but couldn’t set the pace to overtake Blind. They received a prize of INR 6,00,000. The top 8 teams will be receiving prizes in a felicitation ceremony that will be held in Bangalore on August 27, 2023.

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Skyesports Founder and CEO, Shiva Nandy, was quite happy with the success of the tournament. In a note addressing the viewers he said,

“We are extremely delighted with the overwhelming response and record-breaking viewership of the Tecno Skyesports Champions Series. I would like to express my appreciation to all the participating teams, the fans, and the support from our partners, AMD, Flipkart, Zebronics, and broadcasting partner Loco, which has been instrumental in making the Tecno SCS a grand success. We at Skyesports look forward to bringing more tournaments for the BGMI community in the future.”

The sponsors played a huge part in the tournament going this well. Tecno Skyesports Champions Series was supported by AMD, Flipkart, Zebronics, and Loco.

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