Krafton decided to launch The Callisto Protocol in December 2022

Bgmi ban affects
24/11/2022/Krafton developers planning to launch The Callisto Protocol in BGMI Game at December 2022/Credits: Guptesh Gaming YouTube

In 2021, BGMI was first offered in the gaming industry. The game quickly rose to prominence and was played by millions of people nationwide within a year. The game’s meteoric rise was abruptly put on hold on July 28. When it was removed from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Since then, several online rumors about the game’s return have appeared. The game has not yet been made accessible to gamers in India.

Even months after the prohibition, BGMI servers are still operational. Battlegrounds Mobile India is not available for download by Indian gamers. But those who already have the game downloaded and installed on their devices have been playing it frequently.

Jonathan, Neyoo, Zgod, Hector, and more well-known streamers have been regularly live streaming the game. The in-game servers are still running, therefore they can do this. The amount of active players has prompted Krafton to reintroduce the C3S7 twice. Although the game hasn’t been updated in the last four months.

MeitY’s answer to a user’s RTI request

MeitY responded to an RTI request made by Twitter user GodYamarajOP by stating that it was following orders from the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Government of India has the authority to restrict access to information for the general public under specific circumstances following the provisions under Section 69A of the IT Act, 2000.

MeitY confirmed that they and Krafton India had a private meeting in the same reply. The IT Act of 2000’s Rule 16 prohibits the sharing of information, but, therefore The meeting’s specifics could not be released in response to any demands or complaints.

Several official Krafton statements have been online so far. Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO of Krafton India, made the first remark, emphasizing the company’s ambition to broaden the appeal of esports and gaming in India.

Different Opinions about BGMI The Callisto Protocol

Sean said that regarding BGMI The Callisto Protocol,Krafton has always taken user data security and privacy seriously. He claims that the business has adhered to and will continue to abide by all regulations laid forth by the Indian government.

Bae Dong-geun, CFO of Krafton, said the firm was attempting to bring the title back to online stores during the company’s conference call to discuss its 2022 second-quarter results.

Sean’s statement was seconded by Dong-geun, who said that the business had consistently adhered to India’s government’s privacy regulations. The fact that Krafton operates under “rigorous data security rules and monitoring” was also emphasized.

The most recent remark was included in Krafton’s 2022 Q3 brochure, and it said that the company was still working to find a solution. But they would keep making investments in the Indian gaming industry in the interim. Indian mobile gamers who are impatiently waiting for BGMI to return have found optimism in these words.

During our recent visit to Krafton’s office in Seoul, South Korea, the developer of BGMI and PUBG confirmed two new titles for the Indian market. The first game is Defense Derby, a mobile-only game created by Krafton’s RisingWings. The Callisto Protocol, a third-person shooter game created by Krafton’s Striking Distance Studios, is exclusive to PCs and gaming consoles. Currently, Android users can still download Krafton’s New State Mobile.

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