BGMI Royale Pass A3: Dive into Cyberpunk Glory with Exclusive Neon Genesis Theme

BGMI A3 Royale Pass: Unleash the Neon Revolution for Stylish Victories and Epic Rewards!

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) unveils the latest Royal Pass upgrade titled 'FREAKY FIESTA'.
20 Nov-2023 | BGMI Freaky Fiesta: Dive into the Excitement with the Latest Royale Pass Upgrade FREAKY FIESTA!

On November 20, 2023, in INDIA, Battlegrounds Mobile India( BGMI) dropped its rearmost game-changer- the A3 Royale Pass. This cyberpunk-themed pass is your ticket to a futuristic battlefield filled with glowing prices. Whether you are into cool outfits,  satiny armament skins, or  suggestive emotes, the A3 Royale Pass has it 

BGMI Mobile A3 Royale Pass Pricing and gratuities

For players ready to dive into BGMI Mobile’s A3 Royale Pass, it comes at a cost. The Elite Pass, priced at 720 UC, and the Elite Pass Plus, at 1920 UC, offer an array of gratuities. These include unleashing all rank rewards, a 50 daily challenge point perk, an exclusive icon frame, special particulars, and more,  icing a  decoration gaming experience for those who choose to invest in these passes.

Dive into the Neon Genesis Theme:

The Neon Genesis theme injects vibrant neon colors and cyberpunk-inspired designs into the BGMI  macrocosm, creating an immersive experience that transports players into a world of technological sensations. The game’s geography comes alive with the Neon Samurai outfit for men and the Neon Ninja outfit for women,  furnishing players with an occasion to express their futuristic faculty.

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Arm Yourself with Futuristic Weapon Skins:

 The Neon Genesis theme brings neon colors and cyberpunk vibes to BGMI. With outfits like the Neon Samurai for men and the Neon Ninja for women, your in-game style is about to get a major upgrade.

Express Yourself with Neon Emotes:

New emotes like the Neon Dance and Neon Salute let you communicate in style. Expressing yourself in the game just got a whole lot more fun!

A Bounty of In-Game Items:

Beyond outfits, armament skins, and emotes, the A3 Royale Pass treats players to various other in-game particulars. Incorporation, sprays, and profile frames allow players to epitomize their gaming identity, making each commerce on the battlefield uniquely their own.

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BGMI A3 Royale Pass: Unleash the Neon Revolution for Stylish Victories and Epic Rewards!
24-NOV-2023 |Dive into the futuristic battlegrounds with BGMI’s A3 Royale Pass!

Unlocking Rewards at Every Level:

The A3 Royale Pass presents a tiered reward system, ensuring players at all levels receive something special.

  • Free Rewards: Even if you’re not spending a penny, enjoy the Neon Samurai helmet, Neon Ninja gloves, and the eye-catching Neon M416 skin.
  • Elite Rewards: Go for the Elite version to unlock even more goodies – the complete Neon Samurai outfit, Neon Ninja outfit, and the slick Neon AKM skin.
  • Ultimate Rewards: Reach level 50; the ultimate rewards are yours – the futuristic Neon Samurai backpack and the stylish Neon Ninja backpack.

New Features and Changes:

BGMI continues to evolve with the A3 Royale Pass, introducing exciting features and changes to enhance the gaming experience.

  • New Mission System: More ways to earn rewards. Complete missions to earn extra BP and RP.
  • Improved Matchmaking System: Fairer matches are in store, thanks to the improved matchmaking system.
  • New Events: Throughout the A3 Royale Pass season, exciting events are lined up, offering more chances to score exclusive rewards and join the BGMI community fun.
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To make the most of the A3 Royale Pass, follow these tips:

  • Complete Missions: The new mission system opens up a treasure trove of rewards. Dive into various missions to earn extra BP and RP.
  • Play Ranked Matches: Ranked matches offer more RP than casual matches. Climb the ranks to earn RP faster and unlock higher levels of the Royale Pass.
  • Participate in Events: Don’t miss out on the excitement of the new events planned for the A3 Royale Pass season. Participate actively to grab additional rewards and showcase your gaming prowess.


The BGMI Royal Pass A3 is not just a pass; it’s a journey into the future of gaming. With its captivating Neon Genesis theme, diverse rewards, and innovative features, the A3 Royale Pass is set to captivate the hearts of players. So, gear up, dive in, and let the cyberpunk adventure begin!

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