BGMI Quick Voice 2.0: New Voice Pack, Last Date to Use, and More Details!

BGMI Quick Voice 2.0
BGMI Quick Voice 2.0 brings exciting new voice packs for the players to get a special gameplay experience. | Credit: BGMI.

With the launch of the BGMI 3.1 update, many exciting new things were brought into the game such as new modes, events, crates, and others. All of them make the journey of Battleground Mobile India game more and more interesting for the players. As in the past year, this brings a variety of voice packs that make the game more relatable for the Indian games. Now they are releasing three new voice packs for the players that come in the voice of the most famous in-game personalities. Currently, all three of them are activated in the game, players can use these voice packs now in the game.

Original voice packs debut by the battle royale title developer Karfton, In the country this year BGMI Quick Voice 2.0 surely led to a successful excellent featuring excellent voices during the challenges. Let’s know everything about the latest update bringing in the popular mobile game in India.

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BGMI Quick Voice 2.0 Last Date 

The special voice pack released on 8 April 2024, Offers players a personalized in-game experience in BGMI in their favorite or desirable creator’s style. This includes dialogues majorly in three categories movement, tactics, and discussion. And allow players to select one of the likable statements from these categories and notify other squad members about the next move on the battlefield. 

As seen last year, launched voice packs – 8bit Thug, Mortal, and Vaadhiyaar’s, now Karfton is ready to back with exciting new voices with BGMI Quick Voice 2.0 Which is available in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada so, players can enjoy dialogues while matches in their preferred languages. 

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2.0 voice packs, players can collect by participating in the Super Reward event that will end on 30 April of this year. On the same day, this voice pack is unable for the players to use while gaining unique gameplay experiences.

BGMI Quick Voice 2.0: New Voice Pack Details

Three special voice packs involve the most renowned creators of the BGMI world, The first one is Lokesh Goldy Jain, Shashidhar SMR M R, and Parv Regaltos Singh. All these voice packs are available right now, to enjoy the game full of thrilling packs. Alongside it also features different creators such as Raj Snax Varma, Muhammad Kaztro Ramees, and Jonathan Jonathan Amaral.

How to Unlock BGMI Special Voice Packs

  • Spend 60 UC – Get Goldy normal voice pack.
  • Spend 3000 UC – Get SMR Gaming.
  • Spending 6000 UC – SOUL Regaltos special voice.
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BGMI Quick Voice 2.0, was released with an amazing three-special voice pack in the favorite creator’s voice including three categories in dialogues – during movement, discussions, and tactics. Available in different languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and more which allow players to experience the gameplay in their native language. As these are live now so, go and enjoy them as they are time-bound voice packs in the game presented by the developer. Along with that players can experience currently available voice packs during challenges.