New BGMI Voice Packs: ‘Mortal’ and ‘Thug’ themed items now available!

There are new BGMI Voice Packs in the game featuring popular content creators, Mortal and Thug!

BGMI New voice packs
BGMI New voice packs (image via. BGMI)

BGMI has released on all versions of Android and iOS on 29th may 2023, as a new patch has been rolled out in the game. The BGMI update currently features the 2.5 update, and it also comes with special items that Indian players can obtain. Here is how to get the new BGMI voice packs featuring ‘Mortal’ and ‘Thug’.

BGMI has introduced voice packs in the latest update, which will give you quirky and memorable voices from your favorite creator or character. The 2.5 update has several voice packs available in the shop and two new Indian content creators have joined the list. Naman Mathur, a.k.a. ‘Mortal’ and Animesh Agarwal, a.k.a. ‘Thug’ are the two latest Indians to be a part of the game through the cosmetics.

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How to get the new BGMI Voice Packs?

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The Indian release is quite special as the game is returning after 10 months to the subcontinent. KRAFTON has put in a lot of effort to make this release special. This comes in the form of new skins that will be available once players complete some events and also special voice packs from your favorite BGMI players.

The voice packs from both of them have some of their most memorable quotes. Players will instantly recognize their voice as they are implemented in a perfect manner. Moreover, they are available in both English and Hindi!

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However, these voice packs are not free, and players will need to spend UC (paid in-game currency) in order to obtain it from the Shop. But as there is a limit for spending set in by KRAFTON for minors, they will need parental guidance in order to obtain the cosmetics.

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