BGMI Parallel Games to play for November 2022

bgmi similiar game
14/11/2022/ Tp four games to play parallel as BGMI/Credits: Guptesh Gaming YouTube.

In the Indian gaming sector, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) became a huge success right away. On the day of its announcement, it received more than five million pre-registrations, demonstrating the popularity of the game. Within weeks of its formal release, it even surpassed 100 million downloads. Young content producers and esports competitors who couldn’t play their preferred battle royale game were unhappy by the news.

Players who still want the BR gaming experience, however, can explore alternative games up until a formal announcement about the game’s unbanning is issued. The top four mobile games that are comparable to BGMI are covered in this article.

BGMI Parallel Game Knives Out 

Knives Out provide a thrilling survival experience comparable to BGMI. The game is highly compatible with a variety of gadgets. Knives Out is a terrific choice for gamers who enjoy shooting games because it has good graphics and lots of maps. Daily quests can be completed by players for incredible rewards and access to futuristic transportation.

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The prerequisites for Knives Out are as follows: On iOS 9 or later and 2GB of RAM, Android needs Android 4.4 and above Octa Snapdragon 625.

Apex Legends Game

The popular PC battle royale shooting game Apex Legends has a smartphone adaptation called Apex Legends Mobile. The smartphone version has captivating visuals and action-packed, quick gameplay. It belongs to the most recent releases in the BR genre. The gameplay is continually becoming better as developers introduce new upgrades. These legends possess unique skills that they can employ to acquire the utmost power and vanquish their adversaries.

The following are the prerequisites for Apex Legends Mobile: Apple iOS, iPhone 6S and newer, OS 11.0 or later required, CPU: A9, Minimum 2GB RAM and 4GB of available storage, Google Android at least Android 6.0, CPU: Exynos, Mediatek Helio P20, Hisilicon Kirin 650, Snapdragon 435.

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COD Mobile

Millions of people worldwide play and follow the PC version. The mobile game has a tonne of incredible levels and modes, as well as top-notch HD graphics. To play their preferred modes, players can select from the Battle Royale or Multiplayer areas. In the former, 100 players simultaneously arrive on larger terrain, and the winner is the last one standing.

The following are the prerequisites for COD Mobile: Apple iOS, RAM of 2 GB, iOS 9.0, and above. Google Android has a minimum of 2 GB of RAM Up to Android 5.1.

BGMI Parallel Game PUBG New State

The popular game PUBG Mobile New State has a similar premise to BGMI. The finest visual quality on a smartphone will be available in PUBG New State thanks to cutting-edge “global lighting” technology.

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The game offers a wide range of choices for in-game customization, allowing players to alter their settings to enhance the comfort and immersion of their gameplay. They can also play the newly updated Erangel map, which features aspects like new locales, automobiles, and topography.

The following are the prerequisites for PUBG New State: Apple iOS, iPhone 6S, and newer models with iOS 13 or later, and 2GB RAM Android: 2GB RAM, Android 6.0 or above.

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