Omega BGMI ID, YouTube Earnings, Stats and more

Omega bgmi
12/11/2022/Omega is the best BGMI Player who has more fanbase/ Credits: ADMM Gaming YouTube.

Battlegrounds Mobile India player Omega is an esports competitor from India. Sahil Jakhari is his full name. He is well-recognized for playing the in-game leader. And he has a great deal of enthusiasm for the game, and many consider him to be an aggressive zone hacker and IGL. Omega is currently a member of Team Soul and has a lengthy history in Indian culture. As a result, along with the game’s success, the need for strong IGLs in the esports scene has surged.

One of the top IGLs in the nation, Sahil “Omega” Jakhar, advanced through the ranks. He is currently under contract with Team Soul, the group that the audience supports. He even helped the squad win the BMPS 2022: Season 1 and took part in the Main Event of the PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022.

Omega is a BGMI Professional Esports Player

Sahil Jakhar, better known as Soul Omega, is a professional esports player on Battle Ground Mobile India and is 22 years old. He represents Team Soul as an In-Game Leader (IGL). Omega is an underappreciated igl who frequently wins the team with his ogling. The aggressive igl is Omega, and their attack is excellent as well. Omega played for the teams Chemin Esports and 8Bit before joining Soul Esports, where he excelled. One of India’s top in-game leaders is Omega. Omega has made a significant contribution to Team Soul’s recent success, which has been outstanding. He provides excellent leadership to his group.

Omega is not only a well-known streamer but also a professional athlete. To watch and connect with their favorite star while he competes in vintage matches, many fans throng to YouTube and LOCO. Along with his gaming friends, he occasionally plays games like Among Us and Valorant. Omega has a significant fan base thanks to his leadership abilities in PUBG Mobile and BGMI scrims and tournaments. The ability to read and react to critical events swiftly is also valued by the players. 

Seasonal Rankings and Stats

Omega recently returned and started broadcasting the game live on YouTube once more. He has participated in numerous games in classic mode with friends and unrelated teammates.

He might even soon pass the Ace Dominator tier if he keeps playing every day. In the TPP Squad mode, Omega has participated in 145 classic matches. The total damage delivered by the streamer was 148789.6; the average damage was 1026.1. He has also kept an F/D ratio of 5.80 and defeated 841 adversaries. The popular IGL’s 18.5% headshot percentage demonstrates his mechanical prowess. He also has a 12.2 accuracy percentage and an average survival time of 11.4 minutes.

YouTube Revenue

Omega became one of the highest-paid esports players in India after the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 when he was selected by Team SouL from Chemin Esports. He has so far uploaded 378 gameplay and vlog videos for Battlegrounds Mobile India to the channel. According to Social Blade’s statistics, Omega has made between $189 and $3K from his YouTube channel over the past 30 days. In the same time frame, his videos have received over 7.

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