BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals, Prize Pool, and Likely Winners

BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals, Prize Pool, and Likely Winners
BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals, Prize Pool, and Likely Winners

BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals Details: Do you know the most watched esports event in the history of Indian e-sports? Yes, it’s Battleground Mobile India Masters Series. BGMI Master Series is running for a month and today is its finale. In this blog post, you will read about the prize pool, its distribution, and the likely winners of the series. So, if you want to get the idea of who has more chances to lift the trophy then keep reading this blog post till the end.

Krafton is making history in India and also helping Indian e-sports players to rise. Because today, they also announce their next BGMI tournament in India – it’s BGMI Showdown. (Ultram) Furthermore, there are rumors that the winner of the BGMI Showdown will get an invitation to PMWI.

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Battleground Mobile India or BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals Details:

If you don’t then the event is still running at the time of writing and posting this article. You can go and watch the tournament finals on Start Sports 2, Loco, and Glance Live. The event is going to end on 11:30 PM in IST so you still have time. Likely Winners? In our opinion, the winner of this tournament is going to be one of these three teams – GodLike, TeamSoul, or Team Orangutan.

The total prize pool of the event is ₹1.5 crore rupees and it’s one of the biggest prize pools of the year in India. Well, recently the BGMI tournament officials tell the correct distribution of the prize pool. Moreover, that 75 lakh is already distributed and the rest of the money is for today’s finalist. Below you will get the list of prize money for each position:

  1. 1st place – 25 lakhs
  2. 2nd place – 12 lakhs
  3. 3rd place – 7 lakhs
  4. 4th place – 5 lakhs
  5. 5th place – 4 lakhs
  6. 6th place – 3 lakhs
  7. 7th place – 2.5 lakhs
  8. 8th place – 2.5 lakhs
  9. 9th place – 2 lakhs
  10. 10th place – 2 lakhs
  11. 11th place – 1.75 lakhs
  12. 12th place – 1.75 lakhs
  13. 13th place – 1.50 lakhs
  14. 14th place – 1.50 lakhs
  15. 15th place – 1.25 lakhs
  16. 16th place – 1.25 lakhs
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Well, BGMI Masters Series Grand Final tournament gives special rewards for special players. Below you will get the list of special positions and rewards for those achievements:

  1. Eliminator – 25,000
  2. Cruiser – 25,000
  3. Damager – 25,000
  4. Dost Award – 25,000
  5. Saviour – 25,000
  6. Survivor – 25,000
  7. Tapa Tap – 25,000
  8. Motor Head – 25,000
  9. Doctor – 25,000
  10. MVP – 50,000
  11. Hunger Cure – 75,000

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