BGMI Cycle3 Season7 (BGMI C3S7) RP: Release Date, Price, and More!

BGMI Cycle3 Season7 (BGMI C3S7) RP: Release Date, Price, and More!
BGMI Cycle3 Season7 (BGMI C3S7) RP: Release Date, Price, and More!

Battleground Mobile India (or BGMI) is running a new program where they provide season pass on monthly basis. According to this, players will get a new theme, skins, and other in-game cosmetics every month. On 17th July the season is going to reset and on 18th July the new passes will be available for all players. So, if you want to know the approaching rewards, cost of the pass, and other details of BGMI Cycle3 Season7 then keep reading this blog post.

Period of Battle Ground Mobile India Cycle3 Season 7: From 18th July to 17th August.

Battleground Mobile India M13 Pass Details:

BGMI M2 originates to its end and within a few days, a new season is going to start. There are a total of 50 different rewards available for free 2-play users and 100 for premium users. Like other months, there are two different variants are available to purchase – the first is a regular monthly pass and the second is an elite pass. Players will get an extra discount if they purchase the elite pass.

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The cost of the BGMI M13 Pass is available for 360 UC (BGMI in-game currency). And, the next variant with lots of different benefits and advantages is available for 960 UC. Do you know if you already have the previous season pass? Season 7 of cycle 3 then you will get a discount of 60 UC.

Want more discount? Then don’t overlook using your 100 UC discount voucher from the BGMI Anniversary gift. Every player gets a discount voucher of 100 UC while the celebration of the BGMI Anniversary Event.

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BGMI Cycle3 Season7 REWARDS!

  1. Trendy Hiker Set along with Carnivorous Mini 14
  2. Trendy Hiker Cover
  3. Wild Rave Helmet
  4. Hi-Tech Ornament, RP Avatar (M13) along with Like Dance Emote (available in the free RP tab)
  5. Chick Pea Smoke Grenade along with Phantom Lover Parachute (available in the free RP tab)
  6. Football Star Cover (available in the free RP tab)
  7. Football Star Set (available in the free RP tab)
  8. Corrosive Marsh Plane Finish along with Nostrum Terror Emote
  9. Steam Gear MK47 (available in the free RP tab), Custom Status – Royale Pass
  10. Golden Rose M762

Final Thought

This is all you need to know about the upcoming BGMI Cycle3 Season7 Pass. If you follow the blog post then you will be able to save hundreds of UCs. So, if you want to read more BGMI content and information then make sure to subscribe to our blog’s newsletter. Also, follow us on Google News.

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