BGMI x Mumbai Indians State Championship 2024: Exchange Trophies For Exclusive Rewards!

BGMI Exchange Trophies
State Championship 2024 is on! Go and participate in the BGMI Exchange Trophies event and collect exciting rewards. } Credit: BGMI.

The official partnership of the Krafton BGMI developer and IPL team Mumbai Indians brings exclusive rewards in Battleground Mobile India for the players as Mumbai Indians one of the players in the past collapsed with the Battle Royale title which proved to be successful. Now it’s time for the whole MI theme-based items to be shown in the game, which definitely grabs the users’ attention. This time there is the launch of the State Championship which means players get a chance to collect the trophies in-game.

If you are someone who is not getting the answer as to why we collect these trophies here are the event launches by the developer Exchange Trophy event. This is designed for the players to collect exciting rewards in this exchange policy which will save players in-game currency. This article will summarize the end date of the event, the exchange Centre reward list, and how to exchange trophies in detail.

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BGMI Exchange Trophies Event is Live!

The event is running live on the BGMI Where players have to compete in different in-game modes such as Arena mode, and Classic mode, by completing the tasks in the sub-event section, and know they can collect the BGMI trophies. The state championship is available in a definite number of states like Assam, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and West Bengal. Players belonging to these states can collect rewards like character costumes, and special space gifts with the exchange center. The last date to collect the rewards is 20 April 2024.

List of the rewards available in the BGMI Exchange Trophy event and how many trophies are required to be exchanged to get it.

500 BGMI Trophies: Road Rage Set

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5 BGMI Trophies: 

  • Assam Space Gift and Supply Crate Scrap Coupon 
  • Delhi Space Gift and Supply Crate Scrap Coupon
  • Rajasthan Space Gift and Supply Crate Scrap Coupon
  • Gujarat Space Gift and Supply Crate Scrap Coupon 
  • Uttar Pradesh Space Gift and Supply Crate Scrap Coupon
  • Maharashtra Space Gift and Supply Crate Scrap Coupon 
  • Karnataka Space Gift and Supply Crate Scrap Coupon 
  • Tamil Nadu Space Gift and Supply Crate Scrap Coupon 
  • Telangana Space Gift and Supply Crate Scrap Coupon

How to Collect BGMI Trophies in the Event

To collect the trophies players have to complete the everyday tasks given in the sub-event section of the BGMI. By finishing the whole mission they will get trophies and by exchanging them they redeem their reward. All the missions are placed in three categories:

  • Daily Login – Collect three trophies each day.
  • Classic Conquerors – Compete once or twice in the classic mode mission with the squad, players can collect 15 BGMI trophies each time in a day.
  •  Arena Allies – Play one or two matches in arena mode with squad players getting 10 trophies every day. 
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Play and collect the trophies by participating in the BGMI Exchange Trophies event which is live now. As this event is today so don’t miss the opportunity to Grab the rewards just for free. Above we mentioned all the required details that you should know about the event. This is the exchange center open till the end of the day so, go and try as many trophies to collect and redeem them.