BGMI Black Friday Deals: Awesome Black Friday Deals and Rewards

BGMI Black Friday Deals: Awesome Black Friday Deals and Special Rewards
BGMI Black Friday Deals: Awesome Black Friday Deals and Special Rewards

BGMI Black Friday Deals and Get Special Rewards: Indian’s one of the most popular Battle Royale games Battleground Mobile India aka BGMI is coming with a new event. Furthermore, as you know Black Friday week is going on and it’s also known as the season of sales. BGMI also announced special deals, rewards, and offers for their survivors. Moreover, the major attraction of Black Friday events is Battleground Parachute, Foxy Suit Cover, and More. So, Let’s check out more about the Black Friday Event in Battleground Mobile India and rewards in detail.

What is the BGMI Black Friday Deals Event?

As we know, BGMI is known for exciting events and in-game cosmetics. Now, we have Black Friday Special Deals Events until it ends. Furthermore, it’s coming with some rare items like In Battleground parachute and Foxy Suite. The best concept about this event is it has both types of rewards – Permanent and Limited.

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Awesome Black Friday Deals and Special Rewards

Now, let’s take a look at what this BGMI event has to offer its survivors. As you know the main two rare in-game items are Battleground Parachute and Foxy Suit Cover. Furthermore, you will get or obtain every item for free of cost. However, you have to complete the challenges of the BGMI Black Friday Special Deal Event.

Furthermore, the challenges are quite simple but it’s going to take time. Some of the challenges are surviving for 60 minutes, 120 minutes, 180 minutes, and 240 minutes. However, you will get the Ink Battleground Parachute at 60 minutes and Foxy Suite at 120 minutes. Last but least, Parachute is a limited time in-game item.

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When will the Black Friday Event Start?

The BGMI Black Friday event has already started at the time of writing this article. In other words, it starts on 21st November 2021 and ends on 7th December 2021. Furthermore, the event gives you plenty of time to complete the BGMI Survival Missions. However, you need to play regularly for around or you can say survive for at least 40 minutes.

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The Black Friday special deal event is not limited to two rewards but More. BGMI survivors also get special crates along with these items. The secret is in the celebration you can also purchase other in-game items at a very low cost in BGMI. Well, it’s all about the BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL DEALS EVENT and its amazing free rewards.

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