BGMI x Liverpool FC: Collaboration Release Date, Rewards, and More!

BGMI x Liverpool FC: Collaboration Release Date, Free Rewards, and More!
BGMI x Liverpool FC: Collaboration Release Date, Free Rewards, and More!

BGMI x Liverpool FC Collaboration: Online Battle royal games are known for their collaborations like Arcane and many others. Furthermore, they Battle royal mobile India again going to collaborate with one of the most popular Football teams all around the world, Liverpool FC. However, if you want to benefit from this event then you need to do something important first. Yes, you need to update your BGMI from the 1.6 to 1.7 version.

Well, in this blog post you will read about the release date of this Liverpool FC collaboration. Furthermore, you also get a list of rewards and a tip to obtain them for Free.

BGMI x Liverpool FC: Collaboration Release Date, Free Rewards, and More!

As you can see by the title BGMI and Liverpool are going to collaborate in future. Furthermore, if you do not know about Liverpool FC then here is a quick introduction for you. Well, it is Liverpool Football Club (LFC) is a professional team of England who competes in many international matches. Moreover, they also won many great titles in the past and are going to become the best team in future.

Release Date: This event is going to start on 20 November 2021 and the end is unknown. There is not much information give by the official BGMI game developers. However, there is a rumour that this event will end on 12 December 2021. So, you need to complete every challenge before the collaboration event end.

Rewards: Players can win or obtain two rare in-game items in the BGMI x Liverpool FC collaboration event. Furthermore, the rewards are a permanent Liverpool FC backpack and a time-limited parachute for free. 

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How to get a permanent Liverpool FC backpack and time-limited parachute for free?

First, it is a Clan event which means you need to join or already have a clan to obtain these items. Then there are three challenges you need to complete to get two rare items. Furthermore, this event is not limited to just two rare items but also other good in-game cosmetics.

When you join a clan or if you already have one then you automatically generate the BGMI x Liverpool FC Parachute for Free. So, make sure to join the clan and complete the challenges given below to get permanent in-game cosmetics.

  • 100 Personal Energy to get Classic Crate Coupon Scrap
  • 500 Personal Energy and you will get Classic crate Coupon
  • Finally, 1000 Personal Energy and obtain a permanent Liverpool FC backpack.

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